The film in the comic where the young Magdi, who lives alone because of the size of his body and his girth, which keeps him from many of his friends are exposed to many comic situations he resorts to his uncle (Ibrahim Nasr) who is trying to help him.

Majdi is a young man who lives alone because of his obesity which kept him away from his friends. He gets into many situations that makes him uncomfortable, so he decides to ask his uncle for help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan U (br) wrote: Good to see his story but nothing new to me.still he's my mentor when it comes to dancing.Great to see Jill Scott on the big screen.

Rachel V (br) wrote: Theatre people are amazing. And this movie translate that perfectly.

Chris W (kr) wrote: The best mind-f*** yet!

Frankie B (de) wrote: did you see what he wore in the last scene. oh my

Brian S (ca) wrote: I've noticed that during the late 70's and early 80's, Cronenberg directed and wrote a bunch of horror cult films, but this one really brings us to a whole new level of weirdness. It's a completly strange and pretty though-provocing movie, but it's good. The acting is good and the special effects are just so campy and classic and there's some nice blood effects in there too. And James Wood is perfect for the role. Recommended !!

Susan L (ag) wrote: Mark Hamill before his face got trashed.

Ashley K (jp) wrote: Let's face it, this movie seems fairly dates. I am referring mainly to the special effects. However, it isn't a completely implausible story, in my opinion. And, those sections in the movie that may seem ridiculous are mentioned by Julie Christie's character as being such. It takes a bit of 2001 and expands it to where the machine has even more humanity than HAL. Although more of a science-fiction movie, there are some truly horrifying moments.

Frances H (it) wrote: I saw this film when it was first in theaters, and found it depressing and with nothing profound to say then and now. I remember that it was critically acclaimed then, which is why I went to see it, when I was young and had not yet realized that critical acclaim often means that a picture is not terribly entertaining.

Rob S (mx) wrote: another good John Wayne flix

Steven P (us) wrote: Great French film. Film noir. Definitely seen by many modern directors.

Tim R (br) wrote: Favorite Shia Labeouf movie! It's like Enemy of the State meets The Fugitive!