Baron Wilhelm von Tandem, CEO of the Tandem Corporation, gets mixed up with a spitting image of himself, an innocent country boy Kalle. Both characters conveniently amnesiac, they start ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean T (us) wrote: Mads Mikkelson and Eva Green are great for this movie! The construct of immigrants into the wild west is awesome. It is a fresh look at the wild west. I thought it flowed well.

James C (it) wrote: The talent of Cumberbatch and fascinating source material aren't enough to save the scattershot storytelling.

Trevor J (kr) wrote: Solid thriller, nicely made. One to remember.

Daniel R (fr) wrote: This is a really good movie.It made me feel so uncomfortable at certain scenes and it kept me on the edge of my seat because it's extremely exciting !WATCH THIS MOVIE

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Nancy Drew is charming in parts but this film just does not contain any real surprises or anything really interesting

Ida B (kr) wrote: I dont like romntic comedies. Its a good movie, I can see that, but God made me this way

Braden (nl) wrote: I normally find the good in movies, but didn't see any in this lame comedy.

Derrick B (it) wrote: A very underrated film with great performances and an interesting story of police corruption and political back dealing, even if it's not entirely believable.

Seto K (ru) wrote: Casey Neistat's bring me here!

Erik G (ag) wrote: I'm familiar with this animated film title from childhood through a few scenes... Snoopy, along with his feathered friend Woodstock, visits Lila at the hospital after receiving a letter from her. Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang are wondering where their beagle companion went - Chuck's like, "Snoopy, come home!" While the "No Dogs Allowed" signs that Snoopy runs into are so annoying to me, they really are silly running gags. What a heartwarming film. :)

Dara K (ag) wrote: Esther Williams is wonderful swimmer, I don't know how they worked so much swimming into one movie!

Kato H (au) wrote: a while back caught a glimps of this, woul like to see it in full.

Matthew B (fr) wrote: The film is about a deadly virus is found in Scotland on April 3rd 2008. In order to contain the virus they build a huge wall around the country; no one gets in and no one gets out. Twenty-five years later the virus resurfaces outside the wall, but this time they have another plan. Break into Scotland, find a cure and bring it out. The only problem is that Scotland is now inhabited by punk rocker cannibals and fierce knights on horseback. One woman enforcer goes in to kick some ass. This movie is crazy, over the top, out of it's mind crazy. The action was shot well in some scenes and are main hero of the film was bad-ass.

Nicole T (fr) wrote: What a weird ass movie. Started off great but turned into something really ridiculous. 2.5 stars.

Di C (au) wrote: This one stayed with me long after the final credits. Less an apocalypic tale, more a man learning too late the priorities of life. And impressive acting by his young life-coach.

Evan H (ag) wrote: I really like Melanie Griffith in this movie! She's great as Tess McGill! Such a funny movie! Really goes to show you that you must bend the rules to make it to the top!