X-Ray Earth

X-Ray Earth

From the churning interior to the oceans and life on land, view the world as it's never been seen before. Cutting-edge tools offer an inside look at Earth as it breathes, heals and flexes its muscles.

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Caitlin K (fr) wrote: I thought the movie was quite innovative and, though it did have its flaws, overall a great movie. Especially compared to some of the zombie movies I've seen. The graphic interludes were simplistic yet still artistic and seemed to mesh well with the movie itself. Character development was very well done. Though I did wish for slightly more dramatic silences to help the protagonists character build up rather than some of the third person narration, I don't feel that this issue caused any major flaw to the movie. While this movie would be a disappointment for someone looking for scenes filled with massive amounts of gore and blood, I believe that anyone looking for a realistic, innovative, deeper view on the aftermath of a zombie outbreak would love this movie as much as I did.

Eliabeth R (gb) wrote: Trippy "end times" movies are usually not my thing but this one had a pretty unique plot and the ending was cleverly done.

Maria S (kr) wrote: There are very few films I would call misogynistic. Even Michael Bay's Transformers movies had the decency to give their female leads at least one or two moments each where they contributed something to the plot. Not in this film. Here, they only exist to get brutalized, act as eye candy, be exposited at, or mess things up for our male protagonist. The first woman we see is getting brutalized by a murderer, the next who has any bearing on the plot we see is wearing nothing but an apron, brushing her teeth performing stretches. At least in the former case, the scene contributed something to the narrative, but here, it adds nothing. It does not advance the plot, and it only tells us that our lead character is willing to sleep around with women at least a decade younger than him. His secretary reveals dangerous personal information about him after getting drunk on a night out. One of his female students spends some time with him and, oops, she has a crazy ex husband now out for our lead's head! Now, in order to understand what really makes me hate this movie with a passion means I have to spoil the film's big reveal. So here it is: The one behind the attacks was none other than a woman who defended the serial killer we saw at the start of the film in court! Her entire motivation is that she's madly in love with him! The moment that really made me go, "Screw this movie" was when Pacino's character asks, "Are you going to kill me too?" and the killer says, "Only if he wants me to" in a seductive tone. She has no agency! None of the women do! The fact that the film can't decide whether it wants us to doubt out lead-despite the fact that we see the first killing take place-or whether it wants us to side with him is frustrating enough, but knowing the inept way it treats its cast and characters just adds insult to injury.

Will B (fr) wrote: As a kid with Asperger's, this movie truly meant a lot to me. With me and a lot of other people like Radio of how growing up differently was hard and frustrating. But when Coach Jones took Radio under his wing, that reminded me of how very few people accepted me for my disability. I believe this movie revolves around acceptance and understanding. Just like how Radio's mom and Coach Jones accepted and understood him, more and more people did too; just like what happened to me, so this movie really stuck out to me.

Gena D (fr) wrote: What a positively sweet movie. :) Whenever I hear "Walk like a man" I'm going to think of this. I didn't come to the conclusion that they did in the end but it made sense and wrapped it up quite nicely with a reason for his issues. I'd wanted to see Charles Grodin in something else for a while and of course Robert Downey Jr. is always welcome on my screen. :)

Chris M (gb) wrote: Highly recommended. Kubrick's mastery of the moving camera is fantastic during scenes walking through the trenches, and again during the brutal battlefield sequences. Later he maintains a terrible stillness during the awful scapegoating of soldiers for the failed debacle of an assault, purely to protect the reputations of the senior officers.Like Blackadder Goes Forth but without the laughs, this paints brilliantly the dehumanising impact of battle, the bravery and dignity of individual soldiers, and the inhuman disregard of the higher echelons of command for anyone and everyone beneath them.A classic that tells a powerful and simple story, in barely 85 minutes. Why can't more films be like this?

Ray C (ca) wrote: Watched about half and that was far too much. It looks like a paeon to Ms. Gardner more than interesting filmography. The writing was trite, the acting bland . Other than than, it just was a hooky, though expensive looking, movie. By the way, I had always thought that Ms. Gardner was supposed to be an outstanding beauty. Any short of her in this film, except for the contrived close-ups, didn't show that.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Easily the worst version of this much used storyline. The whole courtroom scenario was just too bizarre. Shame, as I quite like Dougray Scott but this was just plain awful

Cameron F (br) wrote: Spoof of Bond films as a groovy hipster shags with the ladies while fighting Dr. Evil.

007 W (it) wrote: The expendables, uh, I liked it, didn't do anything great, but it's kind of fine, I want to give it a 6/10 but it's not that good

Daniel Y (ca) wrote: STUPID, STUPID, STUPID AND EVEN MORE STUPID. This is a brainless mess that features one of the most stupidest and laugh out loud hilarious climaxes I've ever seen in my life. Now I can see how this film is so bad that it's good, much like it's predecessor, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it is god awful piece of cinema that shouldn't have existed because it's a shame to not only to have Jaws in its title but to be an existing movie all around. Do not see this film I highly recommend just sticking with the original, but if you're so curious just remember 2 is bearable and after that is your funeral.