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Relationship issues arise between a researcher with a theory to explain away all his failed dating experiments, a player who wants out of the game, a deejay whose head spins with thoughts of God, a hoodrat with no street cred, a poet not-so-well-versed in the art of love, and a womanipulator of men.

Relationship issues arise between a researcher with a theory to explain away all his failed dating experiments, a player who wants out of the game, a deejay whose head spins with thoughts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan C (gb) wrote: Absolutely riveting documentary. Not a dry eye in the audience of 1400 at its screening as the winning grand jury documentary at Sundance. Inspirational and makes you want to become a better human being.

Dimitris K (it) wrote: This film would actually make a very good film school project. It is by no means a professional production. The story though is good, solid, and climaxes great. It is written much better than the big budget Hollywood productions we see nowadays. The actors are above decent, the dialogues and plot are well written, and the characters are strong (except for the brother and girlfriend). Of course due to the amateurish feel of the film, when it comes to music, camera and lights, we go way below average. Special effects are not even worth mentioning as they are nonexistent. In general, this is not a film that I think will ever be on the big screen, but it is fine to watch on the tv if there is nothing better on. The unfair thing is that if the serial killer was played by a big shot actor and there were actually some money to be spent for music, photography and special effect, this would actually be a blockbuster !!! Unfortunate indeed.

Katie W (mx) wrote: To say that this is a true story makes you shudder - 3 men set about another in a prison cell - enough said.

Wilma M (br) wrote: I got 2 see it :D, loved it thou ending made me happy but come on I thou it would be more action packed

Peter H (de) wrote: Great gangster movie where 3 kids grow up around the mafia but one takes a major intrest and starts to get involved

julia G (nl) wrote: Absolutely amazing"Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

David P (es) wrote: *** Atlantic Film Festival Special Review *** I try to make a point of seeing any film shot in Nova Scotia just because it's always a trip to see places I drive by every other day up on big screen. How I've avoided seeing "Love and Death on Long Island" over the past thirteen years is beyond me. I actually remember the pandemonium created along the Bedford Highway when a local radio station let it slip that Jason Priestley was filming a movie at the iconic drive-in "The Chickenburger" and hundreds of crazed teenage girls showed up to block traffic. This is a sublime little flick which also succeeded in changing my perceptions about the capabilities of two talented actors, and frankly that's quite a revelation. John Hurt plays Giles De'Ath, a distinguished British writer who has recently lost his wife of many years. He's a bit of a luddite and despises technology and all of it's trappings. One day he gets locked out of his home on a rainy day and ventures to the cinema to see how the medium has treated an E.M. Forster adaptation. By some twist he ends up seeing the terrible teen sex romp "Hotpants College II", staring young heart-throb Ronnie Bostock (Jason Priestley). The striking actor's appearance on-screen is a revelation to Giles and he slowly becomes obsessed with the young man. His interest in Bostock drags him kicking and screaming into the 20'th Century as he's forced to purchase a television set and VCR and then rent videotapes representing Bostock's equally awful movie pantheon. Eventually Giles travels to Long Island in a campaign to meet the young man, involve himself in his life and make a positive influence on his stagnant career. The film is a constant surprise. The first half is a real delight since it serves to exhibit John Hurt's incredible (and regrettably little-seen) aptitude for comedic timing. In so many of his roles Hurt has played dour, world-weary, downtrodden types so it was really great to see him riff on the humor in this piece. The scenes with him mistaking microwaves for video players and not knowing that he needs a television in tandem with a VCR are laugh-out-loud funny. Jason Priestley represents a stroke of no-brainer casting since the character of Ronnie Bostock may just as well have been auto-biographical. At the time "Beverly Hills 90210" only had a few seasons left in the hopper and Priestley was struggling with typecasting. The character of Ronnie Bostock is written and played pitch-perfect: he's unhappy with his career but he's not wise enough to know how to change nor brave enough to follow through on Giles's advice. There is a real sea-change in the film's mood later on as the two grow closer and the admissions they begin to share become semi-tragic. The supporting cast is also great. Fiona Loewi is spot-on as Ronnie's girlfriend. She's equally naive and self-absorbed but still seems to exhibit considerable powers of intuition regarding Giles's intent. The real treasure here is an appearance by the lamentably late Canadian character actor Maury Chaykin as colorful diner owner Irving "Chez D'Irv" Buckmuller. His loopy, stream of consciousness deliveries are so understated and organic you can't help but hang on his every word. He's a joy to watch in his few rare scenes. The other character that deserves mentioning is Nova Scotia itself, which doubles nicely for Long Island. Several high-profile and familiar locations abound such as the aforementioned "Chickenburger", the Traveler's Motel in Bedford and Dalhousie University (substituting as "Hotpants College"!). Director Richard Kwietniowski handles the material with a deft hand, perfectly balancing the film's tonal shifts and character arcs with a sure hand. He really has a blast directing the deliberately awful clips from Ronnie's other films like "Tex Mex" and "Skid Marks". Some may think the ending rather non-committal but I consider it to be quite brave and logical given the context of when it was filmed. No matter what you think, both Giles and Ronnie are clearly changed after meeting each other. You get the hint that Giles has come to a state of contentment with himself and Ronnie's funereal speech is clear an indication that he's taken his mentor's words to heart. You also have to realize just how provocative and daring the subject matter was back in the mid-Nineties. It's because of movies such as "Love and Death on Long Island" that you wouldn't bat an eyelash at the content in the film were it released today. This is a great character study that gives two talented actors to exhibit their range and also allows Nova Scotia residents an opportunity to see some familiar locales juxtaposed like you've never seen before. Tilt: up.

Luke B (it) wrote: Certainly the best in the very bad series. Even if that is just because it has the best looking dinosaurs, which isn't saying much at all. I enjoyed it for it's obvious "Who gives a fuck about how these look?" mentality. It has hilarious scenes of dinosaurs popping out from all kinds of places and just tearing arms off. The climax is the same as the first film, which is a bit of a downer.

Tsubaki S (jp) wrote: I tried to watch this some time ago, but i just couldn't follow it. Sogo Ishii is a great director, but this one feels way too cold to aproach. Might need a rewatch

Berni E (de) wrote: One of the few movies I have watched several times....

Timami P (ag) wrote: a copy, basically, to the original romeo and juliet...

Chuck M (it) wrote: Deeply moving, outstanding acting from every single actor. Unmatched as far as acting- in my mind., but especially Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Hutton

Tyler S (jp) wrote: Another Knotts comedy where Knotts does what Knotts knows best: freaking out about everything. Now I always half expect to find a giant computer bank inside of coffins.

Victor M (mx) wrote: World War I is known as "The Great War" but it could've been probably the last "gentlemen" war where the right codes of war were respected. There are several stories about it and Renoir caught the spirit of them in this film. I read that is qualified as anti-war film. I think of it better as a film about the "good war" if a term like that can exists. there is a vison about a world that is ending, the world of the aristocracy as Boldieu and Von Rauffenstien show to us in their conversations and attitudes. One of the greatest films ever.

Branka (mx) wrote: the story is actually good, well the idea, bt the dialogoues arent good enough, the actors could have been better, the acting is poor in most of the scenes, the hospital scenes are not convincing..marla sokolof could have played her role better..jason alexander actually turned out to be the only decent actor in the movie..

Noname (it) wrote: Not one of N. Cage better flicks but enjoyable enough i thought. The whole movie takes place in a casino where a murder conspiracy happens during a boxing match.. a decent plot aswell as the acting. Could have been more thriller and exciting but its worth seeing in the end.