A beautiful muse inspires an artist and his older friend to convert a dilapidated auditorium into a lavish rollerskating club.

Xanadu follows young artist Sonny Malone with the help of mysterious Kira and rich Danny McGuire creates an artistic and business success, an unique club called "Xanadu." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Xanadu torrent reviews

Adrian L (us) wrote: Well paced, good storyline, solid acting, worth watching.

Alain G (ag) wrote: Zeker het zien waard, rauw, ruw en realistisch... Goede actie en je leeft mee met het hoofdpersonage omdat het morgen ook bij jou kan gebeuren. Doen!

Jennifer S (jp) wrote: Sounds like it might be funny!!

Isabella M (de) wrote: A lovable, heartwarming film about two boys, wonderfully portrayed by Milner and Poulter, who share a dream of making a film, with Rambo as their inspiration.

Thiago L (ca) wrote: Hector Babenco (C) um diretor q sabe fazer filmes que realmente chocam com sua realidade, e como ele pegou uma hstoria chocante como a do carandiru, o resultado naum poderia ser outro, CARANDIRU (C) exelente.

Matthew H (us) wrote: Stuart Little 2 is more of a formulaic, derivative sequel that is missing the amount of heart and charm the first one had. Nevertheless, it's good to see Stuart back in action.

bill s (gb) wrote: As an adult(not the consensus)I found it just too childish to follow but for a young teen,who knows.

Mark M (ru) wrote: Nice bit light comedy with Nic Cage & James Caan

Nguyen Thuy H (es) wrote: Rather gentle film. Because I am already very used to the conception of British working class by Terrence Davies, this director's construction seems rather light-hearted. The later part of the film is devoted to, well, corny love - a mild success at best (Day-Lewis manages to bring out surprising moments of humor and desperation, but the actresses are just average). The film clearly tried its best to be upbeat, but some of the portions simply didn't work that well. But what to criticize? In any case, My Left Foot is void of the condescention and cheap thrills that characterize such biopics like, say, Forrest Gump. Which is, in itself, a cause for celebration.

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first movie.

erica h (es) wrote: stunning to say the least

Jo Y (gb) wrote: They make the best movies together.

Lindsay Eliabeth M (ca) wrote: rob taylor. love that guy!

adekunle h (gb) wrote: the most wanted man in america

Gwen K (de) wrote: "A Case of You" is a refreshing romantic comedy with painfully embarrassing scenes that juxtapose laugh-out-loud moments. Timid writer Sam (Justin Long) lacks the nerve to talk to the cute barista Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood) and instead decides to gather information from her Facebook profile to become her perfect mate, complete with a brand new set of interests. The film instructs today's youth on the etiquette of a growing issue: how to form genuine interpersonal relationships in a digital age. Sam's exhausting charade, although certainly extreme, is generally relatable to young people today. After all, who hasn't done a little Facebook stalking? Sam's ineptitude for real-life relationships, visible to everyone but himself, is eventually revealed to him in an amusing, yet unexpected way.My only criticism is that I wish the beginning of Sam's journey to becoming Birdie's perfect man had a stronger presence. I imagine it would have been more realistic for Sam to struggle, even briefly, to find the best answer to his dilemma, but instead he never seems to question the simple passing remark from his roommate that sparked it all.Overall, however, the film is quite entertaining. Long and Wood portray a realistic chemistry that convinces viewers of their feelings for one another. Finally, in the lesser role of Gerard, Peter Dinklage injects humor into otherwise serious scenes.

Gordon B (fr) wrote: If you take an interest in the link between art & science then this is a documentary for you. Using the excavation of ancient cave paintings a small group of scientists & historians get to the heart of how and why humans make art

EQ R (br) wrote: With a title like "Snakes On A Plane", the movie better not make the mistake of taking itself too serious, not having some good one liners, not being a bit cheesy and not showing a good amount of snake kills. Well this movie definitely doesn't make any mistakes like that, in fact the film takes a nice long bath in its "B movie" glory. This film screams "B movie" and embraces the hell out of it, right down to the 50/50 CGI to practical snake ratio. The action scenes are done well, it's ridiculously fun and when doesn't Samuel L. Jackson give a great performance. Sure, there are a lot of problems but these kinds of movies know what they are and run with it. This won't win any awards but it's entertaining as hell. This B movie earns a B+.

Nate T (mx) wrote: One of two Wayne and Martin film teamings that happens to be directed by Hawks. On Blu-ray.