Xianshi shi guoqu de weilai

Xianshi shi guoqu de weilai

Footage collected from a dozen amateur videographers woven into a unique city symphony of social dysfunction.

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  • Country:China
  • Director:Weikai Huang
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Footage collected from a dozen amateur videographers woven into a unique city symphony of social dysfunction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xianshi shi guoqu de weilai torrent reviews

bill s (mx) wrote: There is no excuse here.....I knew it would be bad[not this bad]but watched it all the way through anyhow.frigin idiot.

Martin P (ru) wrote: Great and sad at the same time.

Stefan K (kr) wrote: Really interesting documentary questioning what constitutes terrorism.

Adam E (ca) wrote: 31 Days of Horror (2013): #6

Eamon O (mx) wrote: Highly unusual and surprisingly good. It's good to be introduced into new genres of film making. Very stylishly shot from picture to picture. Some edgy and disturbing moments but overall I enjoyed it.

Ikaika S (it) wrote: Horrible acting, horrible plot, horrible writing. But this horror B movie is entertaining. It is so bad its funny. By the opening scene it is obvious that it's not a serious movie. This film knows that it's horrible, and that's what makes it hilarious and enjoyable to watch. I'm not giving it 4 stars because the quality , but because of the entertainment. If you have netflix and time to waste I suggest to watch this for a few laughs. Especially if you like to watch b movies to laugh.

Zach W (nl) wrote: Dark Honeymoon is not at all what I have expected from the cast and the description on the back of the DVD cover at the movie store. I've expected a cheesy and silly film. What I've gotten out of Dark Honeymoon is a low budget film that is very well done. Having Eric Roberts in a flick is always good. The only thing I'd change to this film is to have Eric Roberts play a badass action hero. Otherwise, this is a good film.

Bloodmarsh K (br) wrote: I wouldn't mind having 'Code 46' erased from MY memory.

Lacey R (ca) wrote: One of the very few movies that have made me cry

Manoj K (ca) wrote: Very Cute and Extraordinary performance by the kids in this movie.

Cynthia A (gb) wrote: I found this movie to be very interesting. Theresa Russell does a great Marylin.The whole Einstein thing is complex and intriguing.Gary Busey, Michael Emil, Tony Curtis and Will Sampson are all good in this.Nicolas Roeg directs with a very good eye on performances.

Noah F (ca) wrote: The film is one of the many Orson Welles films that is forgotten by the masses, even in terms of cinephiles. The reason why is not very much public acclaim, or success for that matter. And yet, I find that what Orson Welles did in F for Fake is immeasurable, and surely not achieved in Citizen Kane several decades prior. Welles finds, especially in the moments about an hour after he makes the promise for everything to be based on fact in the film when he gazes upon the Chartes Cathedral, the curse of humanity: that we will one day die. Animals do not realize this, but we humans do. And so why do we make art? Why does it matter why, we do, and we will die, so "go on singing" as Welles says. F for Fake is a "film essay", in which Welles attempts to discover what exactly fraud is, what exactly truth is, what is the point of both, who experts are, why do we care for their opinion, and what exactly is the point. He uses the story of Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving as his back drop: Elmyr is the most famous art forger to exist, and Irving is his biographer, himself the author of a fake biography on legend Howard Hughes. Welles does not take too much of anything seriously. The film is famous (in some groups) for its quick editing and its playful nature. No man could have narrated it better, for no man has Welles' perfectly soothing and interesting voice. F for Fake demonstrates Orson Welles's mastery at the medium of film, but then again, so did all ten of his prior films. F for Fake was released in 1975. It was directed by Orson Welles.

Gregory W (ru) wrote: good think em up western

David G (nl) wrote: It's a movie based off of an observational comedian's film pitch. Obviously it shows because I only imagined how this movie was made.

Maymay A (us) wrote: It was actually funny and it would always be worth it to see a great actor like Kevin Spacey in a typical comedy flick. It was good, but the premise was better than the end-product.

Christina E (ca) wrote: Ugh this is terrible! All wrong! Jonas should be 12 not 19! Uuugh...whatever...I won't go out of my way to see it...Well, I saw it. Not half bad. Who's this kid here-...Brendan Thwaites?? He's a little wimpy in some acting aspects but over all an ok fit for the role. (Wonder if he had a younger brother who could've played the role. Oh well...) ANYWAY...Overall, not bad. Definitely not in line with the book in SEVERAL places but didn't totally destroy the plot line like several novel-to-book series I know (HARRY POTTER).I think Meryl Streep's character was unnecessary (copy cat post-apocalyptic ruler). & Jeff Bridges is an ok character.