Xiao quan wang

Xiao quan wang


A King Boxer named Chow (Meng Fei) visits a friend in Thailand. She introduces him to her boyfriend, who's a Thai boxer. Chow saves the Thai boxer from some thugs and the two become friends. Chow teaches him the knife style. Meanwhile back in China, Chow's brother and sister look after his kung fu school. A Japanese martial artist (Kurata) visits the school looking for Chow. Kurata fights and beats his brother instead and develops strong liking for Chow's sister. Chow returns to China and has to defend his school's honor against Kurata. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul N (nl) wrote: Nice ideas and irony in Cronenberg-lite thriller, undone by overheated melodrama and the year's longest first act.

Matt R (au) wrote: These just keep getting better, hopefully after 'No Remorse' they'll film the other three books in the series... Tom Selleck makes the whole thing so much more watchable with his ease of acting and excellent portrayal of this cop that we really care about...

Michael R (au) wrote: Please no more of these Species movies.

Tony B (ag) wrote: A fairly straightforward story with an ugly, gritty, and fairly realistic style but the acting is below par for most of the cast and none of the characters are likeable. The climactic ending though was pretty well done; very intense and traumatic, and really the only reason to see the film.

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Allison W (au) wrote: such a really sad movie but still good! :[ :]

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Alexander C (nl) wrote: Thats a song too isnt it?

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