Xica da Silva

Xica da Silva

The romanced story of Xica da Silva, a slave that used her "feminine atributs" in order to get power.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The romanced story of Xica da Silva, a slave that used her "feminine atributs" in order to get power. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kip S (au) wrote: The chase is a little long, but I enjoyed every minute of it. If you like the Outlaw Josie Wales, You like this.

Wendy D (au) wrote: Fun, subtle comedy with the added bonus of Carlyle in leather and long hair playing the bad boy you hate to love.

Jake R (fr) wrote: Another entry into the canon of world cinema made at the turn of the century that shows a very different side to the stereotypical image of some countries. As 'Amores Perros' dispelled the myth of Mexico being a nation full of siesta-taking revolution-starting sombrero-wearing ponchos with its gritty, violent tale of urban chaos, so 'At The Height Of Summer' paints a vivid picture of a Vietnam a million miles away from any American movie made about it, ever. This is a warm-hearted family saga, chronicling the complex relationships within a close family of siblings, recently honouring the memories of their mother and father. We see how involved they are with each other's lives and how much they depend on one another for comfort, gossip and emotional support. Though the concept may sound universal, there are many specific cultural details that create a very individual microcosm. The most obvious of these is the location, a sweaty, lazy atmosphere constantly soundtracked with the buzzing of a thousand insects and the loud squawks of unseen birds. Pin Bing Lee's exquisite photography brings this lush paradise vibrantly to life, making the screen a virtual tableuax of breath taking colours and shades of life. It also helps that the cast is composed of very pretty actors, but overall this is a sumputous visual style. With the story the differences are much more subtle. Eye-catching incidents such as an hors d'oeuvre of snails are blatantly foreign, but there are more human events too, such as the lack of proper knowledge about sex, and even a prudishness and unwillingness to talk about it. The economic situation of the characters is clearly obvious in the way they must life so closely together and in apartments not attractively habitable, judging from how giant insects can casually crawl through the window. While the visual style has undoubted class and the cool, laid-back pacing of the narrative makes for a relaxing wander through this tropic getaway, there is a deficit in overall story. It's mostly a collection of observations about these relationships rather than a direct and driving force, and this can be frustrating for anyone wanting to be told a tale, which would be most audiences. The actors are decent and do good jobs of certain scenes, but these characters seem thin and aloof; perhaps a metaphor for the average joe in such a country as Vietnam. Nevertheless there is a freshness about the whole thing, like a particularly juicy fruit. The only thing that smacks of pretentiousness is the soundtrack, using an array of Western songs with little purpose other than to show off the 'coolness' of the youngest characters; it would be more satisfying if they had been mentioned in dialogue just once, instead of simply throwing them away of the scenes of lazy morning ritual. At the end of the day this is a calmly paced, gentle family drama that does generate some tension and interest, just not nearly enough the right amount to be cinematically engrossing.

Trey B (nl) wrote: Decent but it's way too long.

Janetta B (ca) wrote: camping out in a 5 star hotel I could gt behind that....

Jason C (fr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies from when I was a kid

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Gordon B (fr) wrote: It may be political propaganda, but that's not all it is. Soy Cuba is movie-making that's alive with passion and sensation that is all to rare in movies these days.

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AJ B (de) wrote: Watered-down, generic, store-brand version of Perks of Being a Wallflower.