Xie jiu tian lao

Xie jiu tian lao


Renowned writer Shen Chiang had become so popular for his scripts that the studio let him direct as well. Here he continued his winning ways with this tale of the end of the Sung Dynasty and the survivors who band together to save their prime minister. Shen outdoes himself with this bold and stirring story of daring Sung avengers (led by Shaws' first international star, Lo Lieh), who must fight their way out of trap after trap. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marah R (ru) wrote: The story had potential but its poor execution and bad casting made its failure inevitable.

Jack P (us) wrote: This film is THE worst film I have ever seen. I would rather jump of a tall building than watch this again. I would rather eat a packet of lemons than watch that again. I would rather take a leak in bottle and then drink it than watch that again. This movie deserves to 'Burn in Hell'. Thank you and good night and have a good life. Merci.

Damir A (nl) wrote: Another solid entry to the series.

Paul S (ru) wrote: Horror movies from Europe are getting better and better. This retread of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a prime example. Not only does it take a tired horror movie cliche like young folks running into cannibals in the countryside and make it actually scary and almost new. Not to mention the gore was flowing but not too much like in Hostel. I totally recommend this movie to anyone who loves horror.

Mike O (ca) wrote: Enjoyed this quiet but powerful film.

Michael A (ag) wrote: Watch it for the fun of it. It's not to be taken seriously. That will be clear when something outstanding occurs at a secluded cabin. It's something I've never seen in a Werewolf movie since Michael Jackson said, "GET AWAYYY!!". It's guilty pleasure entertainment and if you watch it for that, you won't have a problem. If you take it seriously, you'll be changing channels. I just thought this was damned funny.

Stephen S (it) wrote: Decent action/martial arts movie. Pretty cheesy at times, but this is kind of a guilty pleasure lol. A little bit longer than it really needs to be. Great stunts and fighting, plus the acting's not bad. DMX has legitimate acting talent, and Anthony Anderson and Tom Arnold provide solid comic relief. I honestly wouldn't have minded a sequel to this.

Claire B (fr) wrote: Ugh, could not keep me interested as much as I really wanted to like it

Ben T (es) wrote: "Escape From Alcatraz" is an incredible prison escape movie that has fantastic characters, great drama, and great tension among its prison setting.

Anthony V (gb) wrote: A film from the perspective of terrorists. The anger, tension, and suspense curl up on your lap and force you to watch it from start to finish.

Glen O (jp) wrote: Frank Capra works his magic again with this everyman 'comedy' that is actually a deadly serious social conscience film about the power of the 'the people' to thwart the machinations of manipulative politicians. Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper both deliver bravura performances (does anyone else think Cooper looks a lot like Jon Hamm?). Sure it's a little corny but it has a lot of heart and its message of 'love thy neighbour' reaches an appropriate climax in the final scene in a Christmas Eve reprieve for John Doe with an appeal to Jesus as the original everyman manipulated by the powers that be but ultimately triumphant over them through his message of love. This was when Hollywood had a soul.

Tyler E (gb) wrote: dont care, i like it