Xie kuai

Xie kuai


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Xie kuai 1994 full movies, Xie kuai torrents movie

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Xie kuai torrent reviews

Matt H (kr) wrote: Pretty good film. Not original but what is anymore. Sarah Drew is great though.

Ian B (mx) wrote: Warm Bodies offers a refreshing twist for the zombie genre AND for the classic Shakespeare play "Romeo and Juliet." Director Jonathan Levine gets great performances not only from the very talented Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, but also from Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton as great supporting characters. A must see for all zombie-flick lovers.SPOILERS BELOWI highlighted some of the good and bad parts (in my own opinion) of the film. THINGS THAT DIDN'T WORK- Where did she get the weed whacker?- Julie gets over Perry a little too easily: in both instances- The happy ending. For how much this film embodies the Romeo and Juliet story, the optimistic Hollywood ending feels forced. It's a disservice to the beautiful tragedy of the Shakespearean narrative.- The scene that was jarring to me was the cleaning up R montage: the weird shower shot, the M83 song was out of place, and the Pretty Woman joke....although that is a great example of how sound can appear to be non-diegetic but then be revealed as actually diegetic.THINGS THAT WORKED- The homage to the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.- The CGI "Boneys" didn't look THAT bad. I didn't feel like they distracted from the movie too much.o BUT the ending jump off the ledge into the pool bit looked bad: the production was seriously lacking. Actors were obviously in front of a green screen? Also, after they jump, the Boneys aren't that far behind them, but they somehow have time to make out?- Nora as the nurse- Rob Corddry as M or Mercutio or Marcus, his performance was spectacular.- Cinematography - The humor kind of lulls of halfway into the movie, but that's okay

Sayeda R (fr) wrote: A morden spin of time-old tale

Jen M (gb) wrote: Finale of the series is just perfect. Ages 13+

Sara G (ru) wrote: Such a great family movie, and totally worth a watch

Aaron J (us) wrote: While Leelee Sobieki gave a top notch performance, this movie was just too muddled down by the attempt at a wow ending that in the end really didn't make all that much sense. Sure, we can understand the main points of the film, but were left overall unsatisfied and with a bad taste in our mouth. Overall just skip it.

James F (nl) wrote: Angelina Jolie plays the titular character, documenting the self-destruction of one of the major supermodels of the early 80s. Very well acted all round, and it is difficult not to feel some sympathy for her. As an aside, Angelina Jolie does have more than a passing resemblance to Gia Carangi.Not really an uplifting movie, but not a tearjerker either. Nevertheless recommended viewing.

Ernst M (mx) wrote: Giving it a star at all is ONLY because of Phil Hartman. Otherwise.... horrible... HORRIBLE... HORRIBLE!!!!!

Luis C (mx) wrote: good.....ok....but extremely short! 1hr 5 minutes

Ariua k (ca) wrote: Let me start by saying is that I liked Avatar and I thought it was a really amazing movie with such an original story but no. Avatar was based on two movies that I just found out about Dance with Wolves and an exploitation film called Man from Deep River. And in this movie you can so see what avatar stole in story of course. But for being such a graphic and gruesome movie it's so sad to see a man like this and what he has become. And the ending of course was like Avatar. John Barley is a British photographer in Thailand to cover sport matches and events like those. But he hates what he is doing and he wants to get out into the jungles and see something amazing and photograph that. So his girlfriend leaves him and heads home leaving John here but he gets into a fight with a mobster and he flees into the jungle to hide. And of course he is also doing it to photograph the wild but not long down the river he is captured by natives. Then if you have seen Avatar you know what happens. Let me start by saying Ivan Rassimov is incredible at his performance to me it's flawless. Same goes for the others considering there they don't speak English and subtitles are always needed. You know those scenes in Avatar with all the fantastic scenery well that came from this, there is a scene were John and the native girl are looking across a valley and see all those amazing landscapes. Man from Deep River indeed gets gruesome and extremely violent and that is what I hated, first we see all this amazing stuff and then some native gets his thong cut out spewing out blood every where. And I think that torture scene with John went on a bit too long. And of the plus side the film has all this fantastic scenery, costumes that they were (Look close enough and you will be able to tell that what Jake were is what John wares.) All the sets are magnificent and just really about everything. And this movie also has Mr. Umberto Lenzi's famous trademark Whisky. And what I mean by that is nearly every scene in all of his movies that have Whisky there for example. Paranoia: "Anyone know where the whisky is I feel like I am talking to myself" Man from Deep River: "God dam it John I am sick of drinking this F***ing S**t" (And she throws the bottle at him) Eaten Alive: "Look I admit Whisky is my passion but I didn't bring any" Cannibal Ferox: "Did you bring the Whisky I am thirsty"-"Okay where stuck so just grave what we can and the whisky" (Smash a few of the bottles hit the ground) And I come to a close don't see Avatar see this first then that.

Greg P (de) wrote: Fun movie with an interesting premise. The acting is ok and the effects are decent considering there probably wasn't much in terms of budget.

brian w (ag) wrote: I enjoyed watching this movie again...

Shawn W (us) wrote: A must see for any Bronson fan (and non-fans for that matter). A melon farmer who simply must get his crop harvested gets on the bad side of a mob hitman. Paul Koslo well cast as a wannabe tough guy.

Sean C (es) wrote: All the right elements seemed to be there, but this one never came together. It did have its moments though.

Peter B (it) wrote: A tense and smart jail escape movie. One of the best films of this genre.

David F (kr) wrote: Yes, Elvis actually starred in a great film. If you don't like to laugh or have fun then this is not the film for you.

Susan H (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie. Fun cameos, one liners, and Schwarzenegger is really fun to watch in this film.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Something of a flawed masterpiece. The original release of this film was taken out of writer/director barker's hands,b ut this time he was given free reign to make his cut of the film and it's much better for it. The story of Boone, Craig Sheffer, having dreams of a place inhabited by monsters, and fearing that he himself is a murderous monster, discovers the place of his dreams under a remote graveyard. The monsters though are the persecuted and misunderstood good guys and the humans are the violent and hateful bad guys. This is probably the first time I've seen this done, though I'm sure you could argue that Frankenstein's monster was really the most human of all, but this film precedes things like "Hellboy" or others of it's ilk where the monsters are the good guys. David Cronenberg plays the worst of the human bad guys, playing Boone's psychiatrist who's also a serial killer who's convinced Boone he's the one committing the murders. Anne Bobby, who I will forever remember for her role in the campy TV cop musical "Cop Rock," plays Boone's girlfriend. Danny Elfman provided a memorable score for the film. I hadn't seen this film in years and honestly could not remember which scenes in the film were new, though I suspect they were scenes providing more background and atmosphere in the underground monster kingdom, Midian. Overall, this film isn't perfect, but it offers a rich story, well developed characters and some very original ideas (which you'd expect nothing less from Clive Barker).