Xin leng xue shi san ying

Xin leng xue shi san ying


The Eagles are a group of orphans raised as killers, whose job is to liquidate baddies ….. or so they are lead to believe. Disharmony begins among the Eagles when they are ordered to kill Shinshu Monster, an ex-colleague of their loud-laughing leader, whom they call Foster Father. Before dying, Shinshu sows the seeds of doubt with the Eagle Yingming who, nearly dead, is nursed back to health by Quihua. Quihua's ill father is another of the Foster Father 's ex-colleagues, and is the holder of the Star Bleed Skill scroll, which the Eagle's leader covets above all else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kody W (es) wrote: Not terrible, Olivia Wilde is super hot

Christine D (gb) wrote: bromance?? lol well so umm yeah...i don't THINK soooo =P

Adam W (de) wrote: Amazing atmosphere and cinematography. The story is slow moving but in a good way. The first half if the movie had me intrigued but the need for exposition felt clunky toward the end. In the end though, I left satisfied. I will say that I tend to be more forgiving of a movies shortcomings if other elements, mainly the visual style and aesthetic are above average.

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Alphonse R (es) wrote: greatest movie ever, to come home too and unwind after a rough nights work.

Melinda F (it) wrote: its a really good movie i give it 95%

Jim A (nl) wrote: Classic old western with a cracking cast,includes Lee Marvin in one of his 1st roles

Graeme G (ru) wrote: Was alright up until about the last 10-15 mins where it just went shit.

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