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Xin ti xiao yin yuan


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Eric W (ca) wrote: This movie is one of the best things I've seen all year. Too bad no one will ever see it.

Brad W (de) wrote: It was pretty bad but enjoyable seeing RVD kicking ass. If it was written and directed a bit better it could have been so much better. Batista was terrible.

Frank L (ca) wrote: Great movie, terrible ending. You would think someone with Butler's character's foresight would have an contingency plan for the final scene.

Darryll H (de) wrote: aside from a couple of decent action scenes, this movie works niether as a horror film, or a steven seagal movie, not the worst film hes been in but close

TheIan E (kr) wrote: Semi retarded Horror romp 80's cheese with all the acting quality of an episode of Cell Block H

Gabriel A (ru) wrote: Ao adaptada da srie de TV homnima exibida em 1980, produzido por Michael Mann e Pieter Jan Brugge com roteiro e direo do propio Mann que ridiculamente tenta inflar um episdio de seu programa de TV dos anos 80 em uma balada de longa-metragem de tdio disfarado com luxria e uma desastrosa intimidao ao trafico de drogas. O filme estrelado Jamie Foxx como Tubbs e Colin Farrell como Crockett, bem como atriz chinesa Gong Li como Isabella, os atores ficam perdidos em meio a uma narrao tumultuada pelo excesso de nada.

AD O (de) wrote: dark comedy done right. and as exhausting as it would be, i kinda wish i had a suicidal bf. "what excitement awaits me at home, on the kitchen floor?!?", i would say.

marko s (ca) wrote: This movie is the definitive choice for an accurate look at the nut that was ed gein.This movie follows his true life story perfectly.

PY C (us) wrote: This movie had me going a little crazy too.

Vince B (us) wrote: In my top 10 movies of all time.

Bill B (es) wrote: Another MST3K version crossed off the list, fairly amusing stuff.Rental?

Stygames S (gb) wrote: I hope this gained $1,000,000 In the box office (Get it?)!

John W (us) wrote: Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. The plot is nonsense, but it provides a fine excuse to stage some superb Irving Berlin numbers including "Easter Parade" and the Oscar-winning "White Christmas." Too good to watch just at Christmastime. Directed by Mark Sandrich.

Thomas P (jp) wrote: Takes its time rolling out the crazy, but when it comes, it screams along like a train without brakes. Intense, imaginative, great performances, and a thrilling story all come together to make it great.Enjoy the ride. And what a ride!5 glares of crazy out of 5