Xuxa in Crystal Moon

Xuxa in Crystal Moon

Maria da Graça is a country girl who is looking to make it in the big city. She leaves her town to live with some relatives at the capital, but it doesnt take her long to find out that aunt Zuleika is a real bad witch, as well as cousin Cidinha. Cousin Mauricinho seems friendly enough, even flirtatious, but his motives are less than sincere. While trying to deal with aunt Zuleika and her kids, Maria da Graça meets a girl neighbour, Duda, who shows her the ropes of getting along in the dangerous city. She also makes friends with Bob, who provides her with great support right when she needs it. Bob is a bit clumsy, but hes the one who manage do find a job for Maria da Graça. Now that she is working, Maria da Graça can finally start taking singing lessons as she always dreamt of. Things start to look brighter, but theres only one problem: Mauricinho. The guy gets more and more obsessed with his cousin as she shuns him off, and ends up deciding to kidnap Maria da Graça.

The fairy tale of a young aspiring singer who leaves her hometown to a major city, in order to make her dreams come true. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (fr) wrote: The big reveal is the ending, which explains the title quite nicely. The acting gets stronger, as do the stories. May seem soap operaish at first and just another three-part movie that weaves the characters and their lives together much like Crash and Wild Tales, but its more than that. The director has an axe to grind about the Italians "We bet on the country's downfall, and we won!"; corruption et al.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Another movie that didn't meet expectations.

Rebecca S (nl) wrote: Beautiful little film.

Kevin S (es) wrote: A story I throughly enjoyed, well acted and a predictably happy movie. Not a heavenly themed sports movie more about the transition from India to the pitching for a major league team in the United States. A true story with a good story to tell.

Kevin M (gb) wrote: I watched this with my 10 year old daughter and really enjoyed it. Yes there is racist imagery - the 'heroine' is white with blonde hair whilst the baddie is black - but the old adage of be careful what you wish for is well handled.

Harry S (it) wrote: Wow This Film Is AWFUL. Bore A Saurus Movie. Justin Long's Kyke Impression Was Immense Tho.

Lauren S (es) wrote: An extremely powerful and emotional film.

Private U (jp) wrote: Tres bon la rencontre entre la force tranquille et le felin seducteur. Final excellent. Ne soyez pas ignares.

James H (ca) wrote: The cast does well, especially Estella Warren, but the story is patchy and inconsistent as well as far fetched. It doesn't convince but has a good pace. Not bad, just not particularly memorable.

Liam M (gb) wrote: Intensely likeable, but overlong and a big vapid. 'Sleeping with other People' wastes a good cast on an overused and kinda underwhelming formula - the script is killer, constantly witty, perfect for both Brie and Sudakes - the issue is, we've seen this before, a lot.