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XXL torrent reviews

George B (br) wrote: WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS ONE

Daniel M (ag) wrote: Yeah-I'm sorry 2 say it but I saw Marmaduke (I was curious as 2 how bad it actually was). I have 2 admit, it was better than I expected. Still crap though

Paul J (jp) wrote: Can there be a more beautiful documentary? The exquisite and lyrical music is perfectly matched by the sensitive and delicate images. Not only is this a stunning love poem to Iceland, it's a celebration of the genius that is Sigur Ros. But beyond that, the film evokes an ancient beauty that unites people in a way that is transcendent and euphoric. To quote Radiohead, "For a moment there, I lost myself." This film should be sent in a time capsule into outer-space as a testament to how beautiful our species can be.

Antwan J J (mx) wrote: Not bad at all, historically moving and quite the story

Valentijn E (ru) wrote: Annie MG Smidt, enough mm? =)This dutch movie is full of cats and very enjoyable.

Ashley M (mx) wrote: It's an alright movie

Knox M (gb) wrote: If you have ever experienced a divorce, or been in one, Shoot the Moon knows what it is like. Usually dismissed as a "family drama," this 1982 film starring the incomparable Albert Finney (the greatest actor the Earth has ever had walk on it) and the excellent Diane Keaton is among the most genuine portraits of love's trance ever produced. Lov, is a physical mirage. Once you're in it, you can't get out of it, and if you're out of it you usually look for the person who looks like the one you were originally married to. When Finney and Keaton divorce, Keaton finds Peter Weller, who looks quite a bit like Finney, and Finney finds Karen Allen, who strikes a resemblance to Keaton. They each try to make scenes but it somehow draws them together. One might recall Bunuel's "That Obscure Object of Desire," when a sexually repressed man falls in love with the same women, played by two different people that alternate between scenes. Take that, and insert the more emotionally-charged side of it. Now you have more compelling material.

Emma W (de) wrote: great movie! I love it to death!

Aaron M (nl) wrote: Visually gorgeous, thoughtful film. Juliette Binoche is brilliant in her portrayal of a mature actress coming to terms with the parallels between her own life a character she has been asked to play. Fascinating parallels between the relationships in the play-within-a-film and her own relationships with her younger personal assistant and her co-lead in the play.

Richard R (br) wrote: Just works in every way.