Y.M.I. Yeh Mera India

Y.M.I. Yeh Mera India

Lives of several people intertwine during an eventful day in Mumbai.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lives of several people intertwine during an eventful day in Mumbai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Y.M.I. Yeh Mera India torrent reviews

Carlos M (us) wrote: Fruit Chan crafts a gripping mystery with a lot of humor but goes too far with a rape scene and a horrid collective murder incompatible with the tone of the story, losing focus after then and not offering any explanation for the endless elements thrown in the clumsy plot.

Abby M (ru) wrote: My first share of MMFF2013 movie was Direk Wenn Deramas' Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy starring Vice Ganda. When it was anticipated that the latter will be doing Sisterakas sequel, with Kris Aquino and Ai-ai delas Alas similar to last year, a solo movie with four different characters was offered to him. According to showbiz news, the role was initially offered to Sweet Lapus but eventually given to Vice Ganda. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy maybe one of Direk Wenn Deramas' signature uplifting the gay/LGBT community to another level after doing Bekikangs. I would say that this movie was similar to Bromance with a twist of four characters instead of two. While Bromance was a rivalry between two brothers separated and got back together, this movie quadrupled the story with four different sexual preferences. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy is a story of betrayal, forgiveness and moving on. A loving mother (Maricel Soriano), a cowardly father (Joey Marquez) and the quadruplets (Vice Ganda) who portrays a girl who claims to be a model, a boy who claims to be a racer with Hepatitis, a bakla (gay) who's bitter since their father left them, and a tomboy (lesbian) who claims to be a singer with anemia. Four of them were separated the moment their grandmother (Joy Viado) flew to the states with the two babies who apparently were raised to be girl and boy. The other two were left behind with their mom, grew up in the farm and became bakla and the other a tomboy. The reunion was staged when Peter (boy), needs a liver transplant and Mark (tomboy) was the only compatible twin.The plot heated when unsettled differences and issues were raised, and their parents' unresolved issue was added. Embedded image permalinkIn case the movie was starred by Sweet Lapus, will it have the same impact to the viewers? I, personally would say YES! The fact that Direk Wenn Deramas can wave his wand to make an experimental movie to a blockbuster. No doubt the ratings would still be the same. He already did it when Zanjoe Marudo takes on Bromance.

Robin T (ag) wrote: This movie is only for the fans!If you are a fans,the movie is perfect for you!

Connie L (it) wrote: Not the best dance movie

Private U (au) wrote: Inspired by The Bucket List.. this one is a movie that will touch your heart. Very different from the Karan Johar Kal ho na ho wherein Shahrukh wants to give life long love to someone before dying, this one is about doing all the things one would like to do before dying. Simple things like owning a car to a foreign trip to guitar lessons to meeting a childhood friend - the way in which the Vinay Pathak's character pursues it all in his last few days is touching. Scenes like right after buying a car and offering a lift to the salesgirl, he sees the girl sitting on her boyfrd's bike and curses himself for not buying a bike - simple yet ones you relate to and laugh. Vinay Pathak proves his versatility yet again. A movie that makes you laugh and cry...

Nicholas B (gb) wrote: do not waste 1 hour & 29 mins. on this pile of garbage.

James T (mx) wrote: also not one of there strongest stories but still funny

Janne M (nl) wrote: This one suprised me to be pretty good suspence movie... Easy start but strange twists in the plot gripped more tightly towards the dramatic end. Good casting, no superstars yet acting was good!

Joshua L (nl) wrote: the way its filmed is admirable and the action is pretty good and brutal but the story is mad confusing especially in conjunction with the rest of the franchise.

Gary S (nl) wrote: Made my blood boil the way those scumbags were going around murdering unarmed civilians. Hope now that swine Milosevic is dead he can explain his actions to his victims. Glad that the one reporter was able to adopt that girl. She could not have gone back to that. A very young looking James Nesbitt is on there.