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Tyler R (ca) wrote: It's pretty hard to enjoy a film when every character in it is cynical and unlikeable. Such is the case with The To Do List. It tries to mimic the success of American Pie, all the way down to the 1990s setting, but instead of being a coming of age tale that was supported by jokes and gags, this film is nothing more than a bunch of gross out gags that are lightly tethered by some story. In the film, the high school graduate nerd decides to create a list of sexual activities to familiarize herself with, all in the hopes of sleeping with an older guy. Even the basic plot is cynical. All of the characters are one dimensional and nothing more. And none of them are likeable, because they all do horrible things. And speaking of horrible things, the gross out gags take things to a whole other level and become really uncomfortable midway through. The film plods along and basically comes to a halt near the end as it runs out of gags to throw at the audience. And by the time the film ends, the viewer is left with a dirty feeling.

Kendall I (fr) wrote: It was ok. Defidentally a family movie. Great animation,but it was too short! Loved how it based it's models on something in the past Lego catalog (castle,city) and on Rock Raiders (power crystals,rock monster). Hope they make a second,though I highly doubt it.

Todd V (ca) wrote: I have to say, Coolio was great in this. Really great.

Robert B (au) wrote: This installment in Michael Moore's discography is easily his most dull and lazily documented. Although it has a strong start and provides incite into people who have limited knowledge of George Bush or the 9/11 attacks outside of the generic media. However this film doesn't give much of anything new that you couldn't read on the internet in a two paragraph article.

Cory C (kr) wrote: This movie ate me up and spit me out. I'm emotionally drained. Is one of the most intense films i have seen in a long time. Do not watch this if you are not up for having your heart broken into a million little pieces. It did get a bit long. Well cast amazing musical score. My heart goes out to everyone who had to live through this.

Darrin C (au) wrote: More Leprechaun fun while not being at all bridged from the first movie. You have to just not think too hard to enjoy this series. The acting is horrible and the plot is even worse that the one in the first movie.

Samuel M (ca) wrote: La segunda encarnacin de Ryan no es tan fantstica como la primera, o lo que sera la tercera. Quizs mi problema con esta pelcula est demasiado centrada en Ryan y en su familia, por lo que la trama es menos pica. Personalmente disfruto ms cuando la situacin es tan grande que parece que va a desbordar a Ryan, ya que as nos podemos identificar mucho ms con l.Aun as, desde el punto de vista flmico, es una pelcula fantsticamente realizada, y su tramo final es muy trepidante y est fantsticamente rodado.

Camille L (ru) wrote: Qui aurait pense que Brian de Palma serait si a l'aise dans la comedie? Bien aide par un script de George Gallo franchement hilarant et un duo d'acteurs genial (Danny deVito & Joe Piscopo), il met en scene un petit film sans pretention, concis, hilarant et sans temps morts malheureusement un peu laissee de cote par les inconditionnels de Brian de Palma.

Franco F (it) wrote: great film gives me old memories

Craig T (ca) wrote: Abel Ferrara is famous for his gritty and intense action as well as dark tone with equally as dark characters. He does not stray too far from his norm in Fear City, showing much of his signature themes in urban crime. The tones and elements used in his most remembered films such as Bad Lieutenant and King of New York, he first used these skills for this 1984 thriller. Fear City tells us the story of an ex-boxer (Tom Berenger) who's present business is supplying strippers for clubs and private parties. He and his partner are doing well until strippers start turning up slashed. Police can't figure out if it is gang related but one detective (Billy Dee Williams) is set on catching those responsible. In time, we see a shadowy figure that is responsible for the precise attacks and by now, Berenger is raging, looking for a new kind of fight. His love interest is played by Melanie Griffith, who is a stripper as well, and she may very well be the next target. The tension builds as the body count rises. It's a flash of lights and skin mixed with moments of gravity and complexity. Berenger retired from boxing after killing his last opponent. The effects of this guilt and his eventual role in the killings are standout features, as well as everything surrounding the killer himself. The killer documenting his thoughts in his notebook (entitled Fear City) as well as the scenes of him stalking his victims is some really intriguing material. I wish there were more of Berenger and the killer as they held my attention the most. There are definitely some of the less fortunate 80's feels and tones to this project and while it goes up and down a bit, it has enough power to hold its own. (C)

Francisco S (de) wrote: Yes Man isn't funny nor original, the plot is very predictable and suffers from apathetic performances by Zooey Deschanel, however it's undeniable that the director Peyton Reed did a clever game with the soundtrack that with the help of the Jim Carrey postures make us feel interested about the story.

Lewis S (de) wrote: A poorly developed plot is just the beginning of a long list of negatives, mainly consisting of the words 'fat' and 'pointless'. As far as positives go, there is an overweight man, who frequently falls over, as well as a love interest who is *cough* skinny. Enough said.