A small African village. The story focuses on Bila, a ten year old boy who befriends an old woman, Sana. Everybody calls her 'Witch' but Bila himself calls her 'Yaaba' (grandmother). When ...

A small African village. The story focuses on Bila, a ten year old boy who befriends an old woman, Sana. Everybody calls her 'Witch' but Bila himself calls her 'Yaaba' (grandmother). When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (nl) wrote: Pretty average DC animated film but it does have a good story, That being said there was a good portion of the story that could of been left out and it still would of had the same outcome, It had some great bloody fight scenes that are really the best thing about this movie, It felt rushed at times and I didn't like the voice cast on most characters but if you're a fan of Batman then you will enjoy but soon forget about this film.

Alex F (gb) wrote: Amazing dialogue and characters, an original entertaining story, the directing is great and the performances are incredible.

Doctor S (us) wrote: A corporate eel, forked-tonguingly played by Kristin Scott Thomas, unwisely plays with bright young employee Isabelle, babyfaced Ludivine Sagnier, who transforms from guppy into shark. Builds tension and motivations nicely. Never an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but I enjoyed how I wasn't quite sure what the next move would be. Main shortcoming is the way in which Isabelle flips a switch from eager-to-please naivete to criminal mastermind without so much as reading a Patricia Cornwell novel.

Kat G (ag) wrote: Utterly unimpressive psychological thriller that tries really hard to be interesting but just ends up feeling tremendously disappointing. The horror is slow-paced and cliched and the ending is not the shocker it wants to be.

Chris B (br) wrote: Hilarious, and the best thing is that it all happened

Bitty R (gb) wrote: This is a good flick if you're trying to 'get away' from the daily situation, ... otherwise, it'd be a boring slasher film.The plot runs smooth and the characters cover the gambit. Following the cast-aways, the dark and grainy takes over the enjoyment effect. Anyhow, a very solid three. If I would have had to watch the last thirty minutes, this would have gone a 3.5 or maybe a 4.0.

Candy D (gb) wrote: old movie and a good movie

Adriana A (us) wrote: "Tombeau des Regrets.."

Graham M (ag) wrote: I feel this was a real missed opportunity - the visual aesthetic, the music and the film's opening perfectly establishes a post-apocalyptic future. It's just a shame that the story is burdened by its own limitations. After seeing an endless desert and a brief view of the dystopian world that it takes place in, plus a few interesting-looking characters, the vast remainder of the film takes place in one apartment, and basically plays out like the last 20 minutes of The Terminator. The fact that it was adapted from 2000 AD shows - the cyberpunk world outside the plot seems much more interesting than what we're watching.

James C (nl) wrote: Jean Harlow is Clark Gable's faithful and hard working secretary, while Myrna Loy is Gable's loving but soon jealous wife it this tale of "looking for trouble where there isn't any and causing it instead." The cast is delightful and a young "James" Stewart plays Harlow's suitor who also gets caught up in jealousy.

Linda B (kr) wrote: A good story that makes you think about some of our moral choices in war; however, there were several technical flaws about aviation.

Connor G (us) wrote: I was expecting this to be more of a courtroom drama than what it was.

Brandon W (de) wrote: One of my favourite James Bond films and yet, "License to Kill" does not feel like a true bond film. It feels way more like a motion picture version of Miami Vice with James Bond as the title character. It is darker than the other James Bond films but does contain some of the classic James Bond tropes. Sexy women, cool gadgets and excellent action scenes. Some of the best I've seen on film! Timothy Dalton plays a intense more bad-ass version of Bond instead of the smooth talking lady killing Roger Moore or Sean Connery and it definitely worked for this story. Robert Davi plays a menacing villain and I really liked both Bond Girls especially Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier. Unlike most bond films, this had a very easy plot to follow about revenge and loyalty. I really liked this movie, but what made me love it, was the great score and amazing opening title song, "License to Kill - Gladys Knight". Definitely near the top of my favourite 007 films list!

Mark N (ru) wrote: An especially serious tone is unusual for the genre but after the campy, American fun of the 50's this marks a more serious attempt to apply nuclear paranoia as a plot device. The attempt to make a realistic end of the world movie was a brave one and while the movie is rather dry it covers a lot of ground and is brave enough not to give a definitive answer and instead leave that to the viewers imagination.

Jr S (us) wrote: The story borrows from well known childhood stories, and tries to stitch them into one movie. It sorta works, very disney like (not disney though)