Yaar Anmulle

Yaar Anmulle

A story of three friends - Guri, Deep and Sher Singh - who are studying in a university and are staying together in the hostel of the same university. The movie explores this very friendship between these three boys as they spend their student days doing all the usual things that students normally do. They do everything together - bunking classes, getting into fights with a rival group, talking and laughing over numerous cups of tea - and they even fall in love together. However, the love stories of all the three friends turn out to be complicated. Written by Anterpreet Singh

A story of three friends - Guri, Deep and Sher Singh - who are studying in a university and are staying together in the hostel of the same university. The movie explores this very ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ismaira R (nl) wrote: buena pero excesivamente triste

Lora R (jp) wrote: Fun, energetic, different, great cinematography and screenplay!

Tracey c (kr) wrote: Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos (2011)

Nonya B (us) wrote: It looks like they paid some kid $10 to run with the camera. Poor quality film and even worse acting. Im typically a Val Kilmer fan, but here is one he should not have taken part in.

Marta R (au) wrote: I liked this... and there were unexpected twists... Every film with Casey Affleck, makes me think more and more that he is a better actor than his brother....

Alex M (ca) wrote: [size=3]Richard Linklater takes us on a spaced-out journey through philosophical debates in this animated movie that is anything but a cartoon. Linklater, who directed such free-flowing films as [i]Slacker [/i]and [i]Dazed and Confused, [/i]here takes his loose-narrative style to a new level with a film that truly is dazed and confused. I suppose if [i]Waking Life [/i]has a plot, it is no less than the search by its main character (who is never given a name) to find the existential meaning of life. Predictably, he encounters many different characters with many different theories. Each scene takes time to allow the characters an extended riff on their beliefs. Unfortunately, [i]Waking Life [/i]does not ever come together thematically to work as a truly satisfying motion picture...it's more of a zonked-out head-trip than an actual movie. What I have not mentioned yet is the particular style of the film's animation. [i]Waking Life [/i]does not use drawings or beings created straight from the computer. It has filmed actual actors and actual locations and then used a computer to turn those scenes into a wavy, free-flowing animated movie. The result is a movie that feels more like a live-action film than an animated one...except when it allows the characters to break out of the limits of our physical world. If only for the unique animation style and some of the occasionally interesting dialogue, [i]Waking Life [/i]might be worth a look. But if one is looking for a cohesive movie that tells a story or creates a mood, [i]Waking Life [/i]will prove to be a snoozer.[/size][size=3][/size] [size=3](BASIC)[/size](REWATCHED in 2014 and new review to come).

Judge L (au) wrote: Has been quite awhile since I last saw this film.....still a good watch....

Clarice C (it) wrote: II <333 STEVEN SEAGAL

Ben T (jp) wrote: A classic Disney movie with amazing animation and a great score

Andr D (br) wrote: La biografia del la leyenda del Rock Jerry Lee Lewis, es trivializada en esta cinta, gracias al tono de comedia por el cual opto el director Jim McBride para contar la historia y por la exagerada actuacion de Dennis Quaid. Sin emabrgo, "Great Balls Of Fire!" es una pelicula recomendada para aquellos que no saben nada acerca de esta leyenda de la musica.

Sarah H (nl) wrote: Not all as good as the first one...very disappointing.

Greg S (jp) wrote: Feels very didactic, though logic and physics are mostly absent, as is plot and character development - we don't really know why anyone does anything, but the concept is great, especially for the 60s.

jay n (fr) wrote: Second rate musical that would be completely forgotten if Jimmy Stewart hadn't been required by contract to be in it. Oh and he sings! Keep an eye out for a very young Art Carney.

David B (kr) wrote: One of Oliver Stone's worst films. A fantastic cast, but the film seems to lose it's way.I normally love sport films, but this one is poor.

Paul B (de) wrote: For a lower budget film they did a great job. Is well worth a view as is so much more realistic than other movies based around a prison environment.

Stuart C (it) wrote: Excellent flick. Well worth the cost of the DVD/blu ray

Robyn (au) wrote: ok... there is a message to be had here for sure as it is a touching story of a father eventually connecting with this daughters.. it is about the death of a mother in the military and the way her husband (John Cusack) deals with it. The catch is the way he deals with telling his daughters which is interesting and very different from most films out there about death. I dont want to say anymore since it might ruin what the film is about but it is a good film and not a waste of time,but it is very slow moving and for that reason some people may lose interest half way through.

Joe M (us) wrote: Started watching this with Vince. He asked if there were any Steel Dawn drinking games, I told him to just drink whenever Swayze unnecessarily twirls any object or weapon in his hands. Vince finished 2 beers in the next 3 minutes.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Did not meet expectations.

Calvin R (ca) wrote: Trick r' Treat is definetly a excellent anthology with three great stories that ties up at the end. Michael Dougherty knew what he was doing in this crafty old-fashion horror flick. Great performance, great customes, good old fashion scares, and a unpredictable twist that makes this the best horror anthology ever!