A college student must win an inter college competition to save his college from being demolished by property builders.

A college student must win an inter college competition to save his college from being demolished by property builders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lorie L (es) wrote: This is a great screenplay and a very talented cast, showing the build-up to a Wall Street IPO, and how Insider trading can screw things up. The women in this movie are just terrific!

Neill M (kr) wrote: absolutely brilliant

Gary M (jp) wrote: was pretty good. Not as fake as i thought it would be.

Monica F (fr) wrote: I expected this to be a very good Chinese film. In general I enjoy Chinese movies, because they show us such an opposite rhythm of life from our western society and also a very different way of thinking. But this movie was none of that. There was bad acting, bad dialogue, and bad everything. From the beginning I felt like I was watching an U.S soup opera. Just an awful movie.

Mallory A (de) wrote: A Southern Greek tragedy done with brilliant, subtle direction. Michael Shannon kills it.

Trevor R (us) wrote: It's pretty funny. The first 25ish minutes are good. Then laughter comes and goes sporadically as the film progresses.

Philip V (ca) wrote: Awesome movie. Some sick ass jail fights!

Christophe M (fr) wrote: Un peu avant les classiques de John Woo, Ringo Lam et autre Tsui Hark il y avait ce film de Johnny Mak qui eut un tel succs qu'il a engendr trois autres suites, je ne sais pas si je pourrais les voir un jour dj que j'ai eu beaucoup de mal choper celui-l. Des anciens de la guarde rouge vont Hong Kong pour un casse, mais les choses ne se passent pas comme prvu, au dbut en tout cas. Faisant avec ce qu'ils ont ils dcident d'aller de l'avant jusqu' ce que le pige se retourne contre eux avec une confrontation mmorable avec la police. C'est un trs bon film de gangster avec une violence lgrement "exagr" comme quand le flic tombe dans la patinoire et glisse dessus d'un bout l'autre comme une boule de billard !!! Mais c'est plutt "raliste" dans l'ensemble, le film prend bien le temps d'analyser les rapports entre la bande de braqueurs qui agissent comme de vrais mousquetaires (ils reprennent mme leur compte la clbre devise). Et comme dit le rsum du film dans ce site, le final avec les flics dans les rues troites de Hong Kong est impressionnante, rempli de tirs tout va, de bavures policires (ils tirent et regardent les dgts ensuite) et c'est trs bien film ! C'est un film dit en dvd assez tardivement et c'est tout aussi tardivement que je l'ai dcouvert, pas grave, j'aurais rat quelque chose en passant ct !!!!

Bog Man (jp) wrote: A vastly underrated and undeservedly obscure flick. Features one of the most disturbing climaxes ever commited to film.

Daniel K (ru) wrote: (Re-watched on DVD - 3 June 2013)

Tom j (us) wrote: best film i've ever watched, huge respect to the stunt men aswell as the actors, directors, john williams, screenplay. Love the practical explosions and the movie producers hard work to shoot and make the awesome scenes. The balls the directors and stuntment had to do a 50mph truck chase where the stuntmen & ford are being dragged along the floor and threw off the truck is incredible. ALL the acting is all fantastic and memorable. Will always remember this film. 10/10

TR J (gb) wrote: Stupid. Unfunny. Downright insulting to anyone with at least half a brain. But maybe I'm being too harsh. Some halfwits might laugh at this krap. Awful writing. Phony acting. Did I watch it all to come to this conclusion? Hell no! A few scenes of this forced humor with Baby Jesus prayers and redneck lampooning ad nauseam is more than enough to draw conclusions.