A vengeful Jew adopts an abducted Roman child, who grows up and unknowingly falls in love with a Roman.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Hindi,Urdu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:roman,   revenge,   jew,  

A vengeful Jew adopts an abducted Roman child, who grows up and unknowingly falls in love with a Roman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis B (ca) wrote: Never seen it but it sounds disgusting and sick.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: The movie is very cliched in terms of plot points and gags...

Ryan B (au) wrote: This is another eye opener.. Corporate Greed is ruining this planet!!!

Nick D (fr) wrote: Looooooooooooong: nearly 3 hours.Sloooooooooooooow. Inevitably compared to Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS, which covered Paris in '68 and starred Louis Garrel, this semi-cult film just bored the shit out of me. Dreary relationships between dreary people. Overly long scenes on the ramparts with no sense of why we were there. Ill-defined motivations and too many drugs (even for me). Jees. The only thing I enjoyed was the black-and-white cinematography and some of the music. Can't believe how many critics liked this one more than THE DREAMERS.

Bret F (au) wrote: first bit is cool but it does get old fast..

Nicholas A (ag) wrote: Loved this film when I was a kid!

Simon W (fr) wrote: Lower budget, but it has a very likeble cast and it manages to avoid the usual cliches' while still ticking all the appropriate boxes. Some nice observations about the opposite sexes in Daniel Waters' script and he is assured behind the camera too (Not sure if it was his debut or not). This was one of those happy video shop discoveries for me which I then quickly snapped up on dvd.

Nandi C (br) wrote: Sadly, although Frankie Lymon was famous back in the day, his life didn't get shown until this flick when they talked chiefly of his three "wives" and were now fighting over his royalties.

Dave H (es) wrote: I adore this movie. Sure, the direction is unexceptional, and script is not all it could've been, neither especially funny OR romantic, but the engaging cast (Gwenie-pre-most-hated, Hannah-post-gay-pre-Mummy and Lynch-post-Guilford-4) carry it off adroitly. The premise is a gimmick, granted, but (as in Groundhog Day) once it is established - the film doesn't wallow in the cleverness of the gimmick, merely focuses of the "what if?" set-up - a single butterfly effect either way which could lead us on widely divergent paths, something that has always preoccupied me on my own wobbly route through life. The perfect denouement of this film suggests that the universe rights itself no matter what, yet this doesn't take away from the true joy of the film: seeing the same character, at the same age, in two separate realities, either blossom or wither dependent on a split second decision. Paltrow really pulls off the reawakening hope of the blonde Helen and the withdrawing resignation of the brunette Helen - all the while convincing us she is the same character. Hannah ain't Brad Pitt to look at, but he's perfectly cast as an entitled, endearing Brit. Lynch plays a despicable character yet also delivers the biggest laughs of the film: especially in his scenes with the unsympathetic Russell. And surely a huge chunk on my affection for this film stems from the fact that I moved to London very soon after its release, and its locations (including the diner, where I ate) and gently British vibe ring very late 90s-true to me. And I wondered, when I was on that glorious detour through life, how many sliding-door moments of my own had led me there...

WS W (gb) wrote: The script looks like more workable putting on theater's stage than for the big screen. I just dislike the superficial way Lara Flynn Boyle handled her character. Fortunate enough, there were still the fabulous Nick Nolte, Julie Christie, & even Jonny Lee Miller.

Ziggy (ca) wrote: I've seen this movie so many times.

Deke P (gb) wrote: Saw early. Thot it was thrilling then. Thrills and sails. Sam, Nicole ...Saw it again 11-2016 tv. xlnt. scary, suspensful.