Yajikita son'nô no maki

Yajikita son'nô no maki


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:15 minutes
  • Release:1927
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Yajikita son'nô no maki torrent reviews

rick h (fr) wrote: Kate Beckinsale plays a mother who lost a child and is in depression who may or may not be seeing things in their new home her family escaped to to heal. She stays depressed the entire movie, depressing us, and once everyone is finally onboard that the house actually IS haunted, they leave, like sane people would. But she is still depressed and nothing changed, No closure. No searching for answers for the ghosts. She doesn't grow and overcome her depression to save her family and overcome her depression, and left me depressed... my time was wasted. It had a nice angle for the haunting premise but did nothing with it so it's too bad because it had a budget, it had Beckinsale who I'd love to see in more horror movies, and it had Gerald McRaney, but this was still but not worth the rental. They needed to have something happen at the end more than driving away. Obligatory joke: "This was WRITTEN in the Disappointments Room".

Jon D (br) wrote: Another great addition to the band of brothers genre series. My only critique would be that it wasn't fully cohesive. Then again it was a mini series and not a full series like band of bros. Excellent sound in 5.1, great cinematography, and special effects were top notch. Please keep making these genre films. Vietnam anyone?

Tracy D (us) wrote: The beginning lulls you into the feeling of contemplation and safety so the end can scare the crap out of you! Sumptuous in how its shot. And brilliant in how its acted.

Lateef R (ag) wrote: It was okay. A little too much going on for no reason though.

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Matt M (de) wrote: A gothic horror about the investigations on whether the stigmata of a woman are demonic or divine. The film is very offensive and often tries too obviously to seem controversial. It can only be praised on a visual level, some of its visuals are creatively gory and frightening. Nevertheless, a taste for tastelessness is always tricky business and Stigmata is a little careless on this level.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: An ordinary comedy with a silly premise that would goof around till it improves once the complicating action kicks in and the real laughter, at a decent rate, begins with an amusing dynamic of Chris Farley and David Spade. (B)(Full review TBD)

Otherone 7 (br) wrote: Lon chaney warns people if they electricute him for his crimes he will only return stronger and more violent than before...he was right.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Too silly to be a tragedy; it seems to aim at comedy but is never funny. One of the most depressing and pointless films I have ever seen. The costumes and acting are great, but not enough to save a woeful concept and basic story.

Hayden F (au) wrote: Why is this only offered via epix?!