Yakshi Faithfully Yours

Yakshi Faithfully Yours

The classic mythological symbol of lust Naga-Yakshi, who comes down to earth on gandharva yamam and mates with virgin boys and kills them straight away after having her orgasm.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Yakshi Faithfully Yours 2012 full movies, Yakshi Faithfully Yours torrents movie

The classic mythological symbol of lust Naga-Yakshi, who comes down to earth on gandharva yamam and mates with virgin boys and kills them straight away after having her orgasm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pip D (ca) wrote: Unfortunately, for me, the only redeeming feature of this film was the Cornwall coastline. Based upon a true story you are obviously limited, and whilst I appreciate this, the final product was dire. Acting was one dimensional, screenplay felt like it was only in its first draft and the actual scenes were so short that it felt as though the director was too scared to give his actors too much to do. Very disappointing.

Ben d (jp) wrote: I was decently surprised by this movie, because the story was sort of engaging, although it might have been the setting that captivated moreso than the movie as a whole. Still, worth seeing.

Charles H (mx) wrote: I remember first learning about this movie from an online article at the time of its release, rather than the usual t.v. spot or some other more visibly placed form of advertisement. After reading about the movie's intriguing plot-line and discovering that Danny Boyle was its director, I wondered why the film had received virtually no publicity here in America. Now, having seen the film, I can write that this is not Boyle's finest effort. In fact, the film is flawed in several noticeable respects. But, in spite of its failings, this remains an interesting science fiction story to experience and is certainly much better than your typical entrant in that genre. The first half of the movie was even good enough to have me thinking that it might accomplish something truly memorable, only to be marred by a mis-delivered final act. Watching the crew, under intense pressure, plot the approach intended to give them the greatest opportunity for success and then deal with the calamities that arise is perfectly established and delivered. The movie is brimming with high tension and suspense. Who cares about the many practical and scientific liberties that the screenwriters take throughout the movie? That is what the genre is all about -- stretching one's imagination and challenging the mind to ponder what was perhaps unthinkable. I just wish that their ambition had resulted in a better movie. They really did almost have something here, but the effort comes up just shy of achieving greatness.

Spencer S (mx) wrote: The story of an amateur film director in the suburbs of Milwaukee who can never seem to catch a break, this documentary follows three years in the life of Mark Borchadt as he tries to make his magnum opus "Northwestern" and has to settle for a long forgotten short film, "Coven." Borchadt is the definition of a real life character, flitting between disengaged sad sack and auteur, all the while hanging with his mousy friend Mike and his uncle and financier, Bill. The clods show the extent of their film directing, editing, and other veritable skills, not only indicating the difficulties with the constraints of budget, the tumbling down of personal finances, but costuming, cast, and staying true to your original vision. For all of the tottering examples of Borchadt's clumsy directing and the way he speaks with such naivet about his own ambitions, he has some deep seeded talent. He is very intelligent, shown throughout the film in interviews with his family, the way Chris Smith shows his history, and in the passionate verse that Borchadt spills forth between the early nineties' slang and expletives. Listening to Borchadt it's obvious he is steeped in nineties' culture, loves the art of moviemaking akin to Fellini, and yet speaks as slow and churlishly as a grumpy Winston Churchill. His Uncle Bill is twice as bad and three times as negative about Borchadt's movie making prowess. It's saddening to see the obstacles that Borchadt has to overcome, how in debt he is, how close he is to his children and yet fights tirelessly with his ex-girlfriend, how opinionated he is and yet no one seems to agree with him. Even his good friend Mike, who is a recovering drug addict and flaming guitarist doesn't always see the truth behind his friend's vision. The film is slightly whimsical while remaining close to its subject. Chris Smith does an exceptional job of continuing the story until Borchadt finally finishes his film, watches the irretrievable moments with care, and finds conflict and resolution easily enough. Just an amazing film about a captivating individual.

Sammy B (it) wrote: Adam Sandler at literally his worst

Claudio D (br) wrote: O filme em si pode no ser l essas coisas, mas sua mensagem poderosa. Em dias que se discute se a mulher pede ou no o estupro e intolerncia religiosa, a histria sobre a queda de Alexandria e de Hypatia, uma mulher que desafiou a Igreja ao falar que a Terra gira em torno do Sol, aconselhvel a ser visto. A intolerncia religiosa sempre houve e sempre vai existir, h muitos cristos que condenam muulmanos e islmicos hoje, mas mal sabe que a origem do cristianismo foi bem pior que as intifadas. Bem, resumindo, um timo filme histrico.

Marischa B (fr) wrote: The cast is too talented to have let something like this happen. But here they are. The film has good intentions, but it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be as the tone of the film shifts quite frequently. And this shift in plot and narrative work their way back to the characters, forcing us to always remain at arms length and never really become attached or concerned with them. There were plot points that could have been exploited, and others that could have been omitted in order to remedy this situation.Often throughout the film I was on the cusp of laughing at the jokes or being pulled along by the characters, but then would be immediately cut loose. It feels like the film went to production one script revision too soon.In the end it feels like a modern retelling of De Sica's 1948 Neorealist film The Bicycle Thieves. Just with a traditional Hollywood ending and little to no exploration of the human condition.

Gabriel L (ru) wrote: I bet everyone who said Disturbind, Amazing, Extraordinary... didn'T understant shit.

Christian H (jp) wrote: Good tale of conflict between traditions and the new era. Not the best, but has a great performance from the lead to make it worth the watch.

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