Yakshiyum Njanum

Yakshiyum Njanum


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Simon C (it) wrote: A touching bond develops between a man and the murderous creature that births from his rectum.

ShoCh R (ag) wrote: This movie was completely ruined for me because of the cast. I have never seen a film with a less likable bunch of characters. Shrill, bland, witless, egotistical, humourless, unintelligent... Trouble is - it didn't seem like they were acting so they are either pretty close to that in real life OR they all deserve Oscars for making me believe they are really like that. Anyway - acting or not - couldn't there have been one character whose fate the viewer could care about? Because I couldn't wait for this lot to start dropping. In fact, I was holding out for it.

Alan P (ru) wrote: Self indulgent clap trap

Nick B (es) wrote: I finally understand why I've heard so many good things about this flick all this time...

Sarah E (gb) wrote: This is a great movie..my roommate got me hooked...good plot, but I felt it dragged a bit!!

Michael B (nl) wrote: It was really cool and really good.

forcebucket B (es) wrote: Not quite the masterpiece everyone makes it out to be, but still very good.

Melissa W (fr) wrote: I'm really going to have to read this book so Gwyneth Paltrow and her horrible accent can't fucking ruin it like she did the film.