Yakuza-Busting Girls: Duel in Hell

Yakuza-Busting Girls: Duel in Hell


Asami returns exhausted after three years of intense training to become a yakuza hunter. She decides to visit her old master, Inokuma, who runs a bar. However, she finds his place in ruins and nothing is as it was when she left. As it turns out, the local yakuza had turned it into a gambling house and laid claim to the entire area with the help of a cold-blooded killer named Akira. Akira is relentless, and utilizes cruel tactics when anyone dares get in her way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Yakuza-Busting Girls: Duel in Hell torrent reviews

Daryl T (fr) wrote: Clever movie saved by Hoffman,s performance.

Mehmet K (jp) wrote: Just a quick word of warning, the film you are about to see is anything but 'poor'. With some poorly written movies, one can sit back and enjoy the film based upon it's silliness, in this case I cannot honestly state that this film is enjoyable and maintain any interest. My justification on these points is directly targeted towards the poor acting, the delivery of the dialogue and the poor direction. I must also add that the acting was way over the top in this movie causing annoyance and irritation than anything else. In fact, I could not wait until the victims were wiped out one-by-one. Having viewed the first movie, I thought that this may follow suite but has failed to deliver. The film may suit those who are more into 'eye candy' and less of the acting and storyline within a movie. It is evident that the creators were out to have fun more than making a reasonably good movie, but where do you draw the line? Viewable, I would say no, but that is my personal opinion. I think overall, the movie fits into the low quality, sub-standard of media and if one has time to waste then this is the movie for you. For me, one viewing is sufficient. Would I recommend this movie - put simply, I would say no but we each have different expectations within a film.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good musical bio-pic

Ashley M (ca) wrote: it was funny and cute

Frances H (ru) wrote: Good idea but the plot gets a bit lost along the way, as far as keeping the audience's interest is concerned.

Espen N (fr) wrote: Van Gogh was a man who never got critical or commercial acclaim for his work. He spent his days painting what was in front of him in given situations, and his art express empathy and exuberance over life. The artist??s last months before suicide was his most productive, even though he was institutionalized in the country side for lunacy. Maurice Pialat is more interested in Vincent Van Gogh as a human being than as an artist. As a man, Van Gogh is fragile, reserved, but he know what he wants and he is not shy. Women are more in focus than men. A teenage daughter of Van Gogh??s doctor, his brother Theo??s wife and a prostitute wants a piece of him, and I like how their curiosity to find out who this mystic Dutch painter is, reflected my own during the film's extended length. The summer settings, the Seine river and rays of sunshine makes the film beautiful to experience (and it had me thinking about ??Le Genaou de Claire?? by Eric Rohmer several times because of the climate). Everything around Van Gogh is inspirational. The film is slow, and Maurice Pialat??s long takes gives me the time to devour 19th century time and spirit. Another thing I noticed about style, is Pialat??s interest in a narrative where we are set in the consequences, rather than tagging along the progress. Each time Van Gogh is painting, we see him finishing the painting rather than starting one from scratch. I guess Pialat wants to be rational, in order to tell his story efficiently, and in my eyes he succeeds. This is truly a wonderful film.

Bill B (br) wrote: The set-up is typical horror movie fodder, with kids in a spooky old house and some creepy images, but the house's inhabitant trying to steal their lives to revive his comatose wife is sort of a new twist.You get some zombies and other middle of the road scares, but it's nothing to really write home about. I may have to try to give this one another look in the future, as I feel as if I may've somehow given it short shrift. That poster is a winner though.Rental.

Scott W (au) wrote: I have never seen the original but I sure hope it's better than this lifeless action picture.

Art L (us) wrote: If you like to see men Hanging, Loose Women, Firing Squad Executions, and nice pictures of Burt Reynolds, this is your movie.

Benot L (jp) wrote: Superbe film !Bette Davis y est fantastique, comme toujours.Elle use d'une palette de caractres trs riche pour servir un rle de femme qui ne cesse d'tre en qute d'autre chose.A VOIR !!!

Niloo R (br) wrote: except for the cop-out ending, it was pretty good

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