Yakuza's Law: Yakuza Keibatsushi: Rinchi

Yakuza's Law: Yakuza Keibatsushi: Rinchi


The film is divided into three parts - the first two taking place in feudal Japan, the last segment being more "modern" and set in the late 1960's. All three deal with those that have broken the Yakuza code, and their subsequent torture and dispatch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Yakuza's Law: Yakuza Keibatsushi: Rinchi torrent reviews

Ken C (gb) wrote: This was a wonderful film! In post WWII Africa, in (current) Botswana, a black King with a white (British) Queen find themselves at odds with the British Empire and racially segregated South Africa. It's a very beautiful film about very serious circumstances. But their love changed their world...eventually. GO SEE THIS FILM! It's a true story.

Shannon H (gb) wrote: I'm guessing that may be against the norm with my review. However I felt this movie wasn't for me at all. It went no where for me. The storyline was pretty low key I guess. For me this movie had no ending either. They just ended it and had really very little conclusion. Just wasn't my cup of tea. I like a strong storyline and not so gritty I guess.

Dan T (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed "Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal". It's well paced with a few gross bits to keep the gorehoundz happy. Overall a fun and entertaining movie.

Sean C (gb) wrote: Given how harsh the critics were on its release I was expecting this to be unbareable. Whilst it was as funny as it should have been it was still an engaging watch.

Mariana M (gb) wrote: Sad....But True........ It reminded me of my past...I'm so glad I am where I am now!!! For what it is..It's a good movie!

Michael A (kr) wrote: One of the most frightening films I have ever watch!This film really scared me.So, I really loved being scared.

Kyle M (us) wrote: Japanese director Isao Takahata has a reputation on inadvertently stopping Studio Ghibli's run of A-level masterpieces.He'd released the anti-war film "Grave of the Fireflies," given a B+ after two greater films that were both given the same rating of an A. "Fireflies" has negative contents of the hauntings and effects of war through the eyes of a soldier and his little sister (it was the most saddest of the studio's works).Continuing that 4-star run back then was his second Ghibli project "Only Yesterday." It was given the same rating, but it was below the usual standards due to the specific choice of audience that's most interesting for them than the outsiders of that target.Then "Pom Poko" came out, and it went way down as the least favorable (?) film of the studio with a given rating of a B. This film came out after "Porco Rosso" went soaring with a given rating of an A - the first to do so since "Castle in the Sky" - and hadn't landed back yet to get the run back up.The drama "Whisper of the Heart" and the dark fantasy epic "Princess Mononoke" managed to do fine during the absent as they brought the magic back, even though both were given the same rating of B+.But when Takahata made "My Neighbors the Yamadas," he'd redeemed himself and restarted the great run.The film chronicles the daily life of the titular family of five, consisting a mother, father, grandmother and a teenage son and a daughter. (It's almost like a Japanese version of Arthur's family from those books and the TV series).The charm and the enjoyment are identical to the Peanuts franchise, as well being the Japanese version of the comic strip. That's one of two main qualities that'd brought this film up to a great level of an A. The other quality is the fun hilarity - (I'd never laughed that hard when watching a Ghibli masterpiece).It's a unique style that'd resulted in being enjoyably fun and great for families; and you'll just like to watch it again and again. This is the style Takahata should stick to as this is better than doing the traditional anime with questionable content. (A)

Rona T (de) wrote: rgerligt at baggrunds musikken bliver s overdvende irriterende og ptrngende!

Chantal L (gb) wrote: Classic buddy pictures at their best !! Can't beat Jerry Lewis in drag !!!

John M (au) wrote: good remake really enjoyed this

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