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A lovable scoundrel's life is cut short when he angers the god of death; however, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Yamadonga is the best great movie of Vijayendra Prasad (story), S.S. Rajamouli (screenplay), M. Rathnam (dialogue). This movie was introduced in 2007. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Victor Alfieri, Ione Skye, Gerry Bamman, Ivo Velon, Michael Boatman, Junior N.T.R., Mohan Babu, Priyamani, Mamta Mohandas, Khushboo, Narendra Jha, Rajeev Kanakala, Rambha, M.S. Narayana, Raghu Babu, Preeti Jhangiani, Archana, Ali, Kirat Bhattal, Brahmanandam. The kind of movie are Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 7.4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 0 minutes. NickDan is good uploader, she is very lovely. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your thought. Do you know what are users? Maria Ozawa is the best. I don't leave my Galaxy screen. Please support us via sharing this movies to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

A lovable scoundrel's life is cut short when he angers the god of death; however, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve

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Users reviews


Love this movie'(TM)'(TM)'(TM)'(TM)

Dan M (jp)

t's worth a cheap rental on a Friday night, so why not?. The whole thing is like watching a 1st person shooting video game, so I'm glad I don't have motion sickness when it comes to that part. The main character is part John Wick, part Chev Chelios(Crank), part James Bond in GoldenEye 64 set in Moscow. Action Video Game: The Movie

j d (mx)

oved it!. I think this is the nest of all of the Star Trek movies - exciting, smart, nerve-wracking, funny, paying homage to the original series and it's most threatening antagonist, and so on

Jace L (ca)

A bit cliche and predictable but still worth a watch

John A (ru)

Definately Worth A Watch. An Excellent Thriller, At A Nice Pace & A Good Script, Story & The Right Atmosphere. Many Would Argue & Many Would Agree With Me But In My Opinion Ernie Hudson's Performance Is My Personnal Favourite As He Portrays Soloman, The Mentally Disabled Family Friend Who Vows That No One Will Hurt This Family As There His Friends. Rebecca De Mornay Is Excellent Playing The Woman Hell-Bent On Revenge & All Round General Crackpot As She Sets Various Traps To Destroy This Family. She Infiltrates The Family As A Harmless And Friendly Women Who Has Dangerous Motives To Make The Family Hers & Eliminate The Other Woman. What They Don't Know Is She's There For Revenge, As 6 Months Earlier Her Doctor Husband Commited Suicide After The Mother Of The Family Accussed Him Of Inappropriate Behaviour. Rebecca De Mornay Stars As Peyton, A Young Women Who Has Taken The Job Of Being A Nanny To A Young Family. Director Curtis Hanson, Presents A Great Revenge, Thriller Which Hasn't Been Made Very Often In The World Of Film

Jordan P (nl)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: The Beginning replaces the psychological chills of the original with a sadistic exercise in physical torture, but thanks to an origin story that's strong enough to support its iconic monster's appeal -- and the return of its predecessor's outstanding cast -- the blood and gore more than satisfies

Lewis E (jp)

You would be struggling hard to find a cartoon which teaches so much to children and adults alike with its wonderful political commentary. If you haven't seen 'Animal Farm' or read the book it is based upon, hurry up and do both

Ryan B (de)

Reminded me of Major League and The Natural. Very good baseball movie

Sierra F (nl)

ou would be doing yourself a huge favor by going and seeing it!. I would be hard pressed to find anyone who leaves without being impacted in some capacity. Everyone walks away with something different. Be prepared to interpret what you see according to your own perspective and life experiences. This isn't the kind of doc that just spoon feeds you an experience. Maybe part of the experience is to seek out the answers to the questions that remain for you. If all the loose ends were wrapped up at the end of the film I do not believe that the children and the stories (the ones that we are shown) would remain so heavy on our hearts. The lingering questions and thoughts of the kids keep them on your mind, keep them present and relevant. I believe that is part of the experience. Some critics find fault in the film stating that there are too many unanswered questions

Taylor C (ag)

Thoroughly enjoyed her character. Mila kunis improved throughout the movie. Cute and predictable