Yami no carnival

Yami no carnival


The newly divorsed singer Kumi is not too enthusiastic about life as a single mother. She drops her son to her ex-husband, leaving her band and embarks on a crazy tour of Tokyo's shadowy side. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lennie R (fr) wrote: Great performances by Gia Mantegna and Kevin Railsback who show some real potential. Elias Koteas was solid, as he should be. The whole film was summed up on the opening scene. This is a whimsical story about a middle aged man who hasn't succeeded at career or love life. Jake struggles to find some meaning in life as well as an end to his loneliness. The story is confusing with 3 actors playing Jake at various stages in life, and it's never quite resolved whether the Jakes who show up at a party are real or fantasy. Attempts to break too many story telling rules and falters a bit, leaving the audience as confused as the main character. Male audience will enjoy the gratuitous bikini babes in hot tub. Was hoping for a little more plot development, but all in all a good rental

Wave C (nl) wrote: R2B operation is lack with too much cliche moment and unnessary romantics mood

Roxanne R (br) wrote: Once more Casper Andreas scores a major blockbuster with Going Down in La-La Land!! Oh my goodness, this movie will resonate with everyone who aspires to enter the back-stabbing, fickle, and tough as nails world of showbusiness. Taking place in Los Angeles a young, attractive and penniless guy named Adam (Matthew Ludwinski) moves from NYC to LA with dreams of stardom (don't they all lol)..So Adam rents a room from his best friend Candy (Allison Lane) who lives with her boyfriend. Candy's boyfriend is tired of supporting her when all she does is shop, hit the gym and fails to land auditions in Hollywood. So he breaks up with her and it is up to Candy and Adam to survive in La-La Land. Adam has a rocky start in Los Angeles but thanks to Nick (Casper Andreas) he lands a production job at a porn studio. Will Adam become a star or end up being another victim of the boulevard of broken dreams like so many in La-La Land, a city known for chewing star wannabes up and spitting them out? Tinseltown's glitter sometimes is only ephemeral and ends up burning you if you are careless. Bravo to Casper Andreas! I am a big fan of his films because they vividly portray our fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Watching his films equates to sitting down with a dear and faithful friend to hear a good story. Definitely recommended and cheers to La-La Land, where dreams sometimes do come true!

Arslan K (fr) wrote: Angelina Joile totally looked like a mother figure....very bad job Oliver Stone.

James C (it) wrote: Beautifully, it is painted visually colorful and incredible actors such as Gong Li and Leslie Cheung... The film is also painted the great Shakespeare-like and tragedy story line, which is emotionally powerful. It will bitterly charges you... Likely, you eat blazing wings from Buffalo West Wings... It is very delicious to bite wings with Spicy Garlic... Very well done!

Critic M (us) wrote: A pretty terrible film that somehow manages to leave you feeling good after watching it. It's so awful and makes you cringe while watching it, but it has a nice cast and a well meaning theme. Robert Downey Jr. always brings his A-game, but this film overall is absolute crap. I sort of enjoyed it though. But I can easily admit how awful it is.

Joshua T (mx) wrote: I actually liked this when I was younger, but thinking back on it, and especially after watching the Nostalgia Critic's review on it, I then realised the major problems with it.

Maya F (it) wrote: xD a worth seeing movie.

Chris B (it) wrote: Puppet action at its finest

Jamie C (au) wrote: Allot of green screen work and some over the top bits like the Monkey swing but it's still good and entertaining, Maybe the story was silly and the ending should of been better, It's corny and over the top fun that will be loved by new fans and most of the old fans too.

Michael H (de) wrote: If you??ve always wanted to see Robert De Niro forced to thread a steel rod through an open wound and then strung upside down by John Travolta, this is the movie for you.

Jc E (mx) wrote: Great nostalgia to watch this gem 14 years later. Angelina Jolie as the fearless and deadly daughter of her famous father Jon Voight was a charming match. The most beautiful and intelligent fem fatale. Most interesting discovery is she actually has James Bond as boyfriend. Her fearsome enemy would resurface as Ser Jorah Mormant, the bodyguard of Khalesi Daenerys. Absolutely delicious surprises.

Cedric L (fr) wrote: Entertaining, energetic and well-directed.