Yan gui fa kuang

Yan gui fa kuang


Hsiao and his family move into a big apartment which is surprisingly cheap.When they get settled,strange things start to happen.In the 50s,a bar waitress,Lucy lived with her boyfriend Tim in the same apartment.Tim was a US sailor and he had to leave Hong Kong after the holiday.He abandoned Lucy after she was pregnant.Out of rage,Lucy committed suicide and killed her baby boy too.She swore to kill Tim after death.Hsiao's wife and daughter have been possessed by Lucy and her son and Lucy wants to kill Hsiao on his birthday... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yan gui fa kuang torrent reviews

Mark D (br) wrote: Making something doesn't mean owning it in the end. You have to sell, sell, sell.

Toby W (nl) wrote: I'm not even going to rate this garbage, nothing happens until 17:45 and I fast forward to that point and didn't bother watching any more, please don't waste and of your life watching this.

JoAnn N (jp) wrote: I thought it was an awesome movie. I watched it 4 times and bought the dvd yesterday.

Gabriela G (jp) wrote: Absolute masterpiece!!

Bubba M (us) wrote: Another great Grant classic