The engaging and sentimental tale begins when the little boy (Ricardo Ancona) starts manifesting a greater and greater talent at music and at the same time, a supersensitivity to sounds. His overly astute hearing drives him into the woods and away from the cacophony of the town's hustle and bustle. Once in the woods, he meets a kindly old hermit who teaches him how to play the violin he made. After the old man dies, the violin ends up at a pawn shop, and each night the boy sneaks in to play it in secret. It is this haunting, nightly music that sets the town on edge -- people think an evil spirit is on the loose.

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Florence (br) wrote: Depois de ter sua vila queimada por rebeldes e seus pais assassinados numa guerra civil na frica, a menina Komona levada para a floresta para lutar como uma criana-soldado. Seu brutal comandante no s a treina para o uso de armas, mas tambm a fora a ter relaes com ele. Procurando por abrigo no meio do horror, ela se apega a um garoto albino, um pouco mais velho, que ela chama de "Mgico". Depois de escaparem juntos, Komona deve retornar sua vila natal para enterrar os pais. Apesar de todos os horrores que encontra pelo caminho, Komona ainda tem esperana.

Gillian M (ru) wrote: The visuals are spectacular but the film feels a bit flat, picks up in the second half though which saves it from being rubbish.

Mike B (ca) wrote: Fucking netflix recommendations

Josh B (au) wrote: Watched this for the 2nd time with a group of friends. Still funny and they all liked it to.

Joseph B (ru) wrote: If you liked Vincent Cassel in the Black Swan, you will absolutely LOVE him in this movie. This movie is twisted, funny, and slightly disturbing. A must see for anybody. GREAT FILM!

Jonathan M (br) wrote: Almost every single time this movie approached presenting the concept of the loss of teenage innocence in a competent manner it turned right around and shot itself in the foot. One minute a character's actions appear legitimate and then the next feel contrived. One line may have sounded genuine and then followed up with one that was completely unrealistic. This movie would do this over and over and over again down to every last component. I can't say I hated it, but the flashes of potential consistently bothered me throughout. If anything, the first 10 seconds are worth watching. The opening shot definitely pulled me in. That is until the rest of the movie threw me out.

Wade H (es) wrote: Piece of garbage. Everything is wrong with this movie. The fraction of this review goes to the acting of Matt and Renee. But, this is horrid, inconsistent junk.

Linda V (ca) wrote: Loved this movie. A quiet classic

Vic V (au) wrote: Was expecting a classic western but instead got this over-colored, over-done, over-everything hacienda soap opera. They should have made this a porn film with some lurid and thrilling half-dressed action which a hung 'n horny Gregory Peck (er) would have been very glad to role play with the luscious Pearl to the hilt. What big wet lips she had. Then re-titled it "Pearl: La Puta de la Rancho Bit Espanol." At least it would have had some redeeming statement. A disappointment all the way around.

Roger H (es) wrote: This is a masterpiece documentary. Even if you are not into high-energy particle physics or don't know a bit of algebra much less advanced mathematics, I think anyone would find this achievement inspiring as a triumph of the human spirit itself. It's amazing seeing so many great minds working on toward one solitary goal for the purpose of pure curiosity and exploration of the underpinning of all of reality. It's done in kind of a reality TV format, which is a little weird for me, but it worked. It's not boring - that's for sure! Watch it!