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  • Release:1984
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Yarivanu? torrent reviews

Lucero C (mx) wrote: If you want to watch a great documentary, check out Girl Rising in Netflix!! It's a beautiful and powerful film about deeply moving stories about hopes and dreams in the developing world. A much needed perspective of why young girls need an education!! It's heartbreaking and so scary what is happening to young girls in poor countries!

Angelica M (ru) wrote: Dakota, you know I love you... But this was the worst movie I have ever sat through. I still love you, though.

Julie D (au) wrote: By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. By all means feel free to engage two hours of your life into a movie only to be disappointed by a pointless ending. While the theme of the ending represents purity and a majestic setting with amazing visuals the reality is that a polar bear will EAT YOU IN TWO SECONDS FLAT AFTER YEARS OF SCAVENGING WITHOUT A HUMAN IN SIGHT. Might I also add that if there were humans I'm pretty sure the polar bears noshed on them while the poor folk a.k.a proletariat ate bug bars. I would have rather hopped into a banana suit and chased my chihuahua around the block screaming "toxic farts are the candy of the earth" than spent 6 months of my life complaining about why director bong hole is a terd. Negative stars for this cinematic monstrosity.

David J (br) wrote: Pretty dumb, and the efforts to make the bad guy a brilliant mastermind only yield a chump.

Beaver S (us) wrote: What fucking asshole would rate this movie anything lower then a 5 should be castrated fucking narcotics agent I knew it

Blake P (us) wrote: Very, very funny movie. Bertram Potts' (Cooper) job is finding out slang terms or in other words, language and grammar for an encyclopedia that he and a bunch of his (nerdy) professor friends are working together on. One night, he goes to a club to find out more, where nightclub singer and stripper Sugarpuss (Stanwyck) performs. Her song is chocked full of words he's looking for, so when the show ends he goes to her dressing room to ask if she has any other things to shar. She of course, says no, but he gives her his card anyway. But what he doesn't know is that she's also running away from the law, so she realizes it would be a good idea to live with him and his friends' mansion. And the rest revolves around that. This screwball comedy was directed by Howard Hawks, and written by Billy Wilder, two legendary figures in cinema history. Hawks creates an excellent movie, while Wilder shows his skills writing this smart script with Charles Brackett. Though when I eyed this film I wasn't thinking it would be all that great, by the time I finished watching this I realized-- "This is a great movie". Stanwyck's performance as usual is incredible, giving you a hilarious character, while Cooper's acting job is very good. This movie is truly excellent, and it will most definitely not be a waste to watch. "Ball of Fire" is a classic.

Anthony A (ag) wrote: Fantastic documentary. I was expecting a tale of Whitey himself. I was delightfully treated to a film that primarily looks at the case and levels of corruption not only in the criminal underworld, but also with the law enforcement that were taking them down.