When a young woman's health is threatened, her family seeks answers from physicians -- who suggest that her illness's origins are psychological. As her condition soon worsens, her desperate family finds a psychiatrist who helps her, and she gradually improves. In the process, the patient and the doctor fall madly in love in director Ranjan Bose's romantic yarn starring Yogeeta Bali, Anil Dhawan and Sujit Kuma.

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Yauwan torrent reviews

Bob K (au) wrote: Well, this should have been better. There wasn't really meaning behind anything that happened, just fragments that didn't add up to anything satisfying. Unfortunate. as the setup was excellent.

nulur h (ca) wrote: i dont understand this movie hehehehehe to many conflicts maybe like babel movie had several stories

Sheel W (fr) wrote: This will be a classic for many years to come, as it is THE original film addressing the cultural tug-o'-war facing American Born Confused Desis (ABCDs)and how it effects their lives. Krishna (or Chris, as his Canadian friends call him) is the protagonist and a classic example of an ABCD. He's excited to leave his parents (FOBs) and head off to college where he believes he can ignore the burden of sticking to his Indian roots. That plan fails when he finds out his roommates are just as fobbed out as his parents. Even worse, the girl he's pining for has a seemingly perfect balance of both worlds, and she will not let him get close to her without him learning some basics about his true identity. Krishna's roommates are mostly responsible for the humor that will make this movie worth watching. The only downside is the climax - a sub-par fight scene which seemed to have no place in the movie.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: A carbon copy of Joe Dante's pervious work Gremlins but with action figures, Small soldiers is still decently amusing, but is far more tonally inconsistent than Gremlins.

Sean A (au) wrote: Although it has Christian Bale acting in one of his best movies, the overall tone and feel to this WWII movie is not showing the war accurately.

Olivia G (nl) wrote: This movie is more about its psychedelic style and its beautiful (George Harisson's) score. There is not much of a plot, just an obsession. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie. Jane Birkin was very pretty.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: ****'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' succeeds with flying colours, ticking off everything on it's checklist: it's funny, mysterious, beautifully shot and features 2 brilliant performances from the buddy-cop duo of Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. My only complaint would be the pacing, other than that the movies a blast!

Lenny R (it) wrote: This has several of the ingredients of a great movie - an appealing cast, a sometimes-fine director in his element, etc. but what it most notably lacks is a script that makes any sense or rings true in any way whatsoever. As spectacle it's not bad, but as a narrative work it's pretty poor. I think McG's Terminator: Salvation is underrated and actually stands up pretty well against Cameron's ones - but this is no True Lies.