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Thomas W (es) wrote: As resplendent as some of the fashion its subject matter has put out for the world to see, I expected the film about him to be a bit better than this. Yves Saint Laurent isn't anything special and it is mostly bland and unremarkable. There is little of note here other than a special performance by Saint Laurent's one-time (early) muse Victoire (Charlotte Le Bon - The Hundred Foot Journey). When Yves was only 21, he was put in charge of the Dior fashion house and created a few lines that were sensational and sensationalized but he hit a few rough patches in his tenure and eventually set out on his own creating his very own YSL line. Pierre Niney plays the title character and he does very little here other than act uncertain, repressed or depressed. He never really comes alive except quite briefly in the film when he creates the 1965 Piet Mondrain-inspired dress he is now known for. The rest of the film - that spans much of his life -- is also mediocre and un-exciting (he goes to parties and dabbles in drugs but yawn). Some of this is pretty to look at -- the fashion shows -- but too much of it isn't. I cannot see a lot of people caring for this.

Dolores H (gb) wrote: The characters were good, but the pace was way too slow. Give me Captain Phillips any day.

Robert K (ca) wrote: This movie is only watchable because of Ving Rhaemes and Wesley Snipes. I give it one star for each of them. Else, it's frustrating to sit and watch. It's a clichd poorly written and directed movie.

Ruby Ann D (de) wrote: This time, i have to say, i prefer the movie adaptation than the original series. Liked the art and character design (and the characters' personality). The only pitfall is that it is too condensed... Its plot is better off to be a trilogy.

Zhen H (au) wrote: simply awful. confusing, childish, miscast.

Michael H (it) wrote: A staple in the late 70s for international cinema and action. Slowly paced to build Max's character and giving meaning to the climax.

Mike J (kr) wrote: At least in this one it was more like the original two. New actor for pinhead just doesn't feel the same.

Carson F (mx) wrote: The movie was great but I miss the show so much more