Yeh Dooriyan

Yeh Dooriyan

A divorced businesswoman with two children falls in love with a much younger man.

A divorced businesswoman with two children falls in love with a much younger man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emma C (kr) wrote: 'Queen-sized' makes a mockery out of fat people. Seriously, how many fat girls--or normal-weighted girls, for that matter--have stashes of food hidden around their room? If you hide a cupcake in your sock drawer, it's going to make a right bloody mess. But that's beside the point. This movie tells chubby girls nationwide that it doesn't matter if you're mortally obese, just as long as you're happy with yourself and accepted by your peers!!! It refuses to acknowledge the stinging reality of this statement, that you WILL NOT be accepted by your peers if you ARE mortally obese. Although it's a feasible prospect for a fat girl to be nominated for Prom Queen as joke, then elected overwhelmingly by students who love an underdog, Maggie Baker doesn't help herself at all. Half the movie she sits on the kitchen floor and chugs ice cream while her friends bust their asses to get her votes. Is this the person we want as a role model for overweight adolescent America? Someone who never exercises and keeps Cheez-Its under her bed? Someone who relies on her friends to take her anywhere? Someone who, despite all her self-loathing, continues to wear the unflattering bras and sleeveless prom gowns that cause others to snicker? (MMMM, SNICKERS!!!) Disgusting. This movie shouldn't be allowed on TV.

Tina A (ca) wrote: More funny than action but worth a watch if you are bored.

Joel R (us) wrote: "Do you know what it means when a flag flies upside down?"Utilizado sobretudo como uma mensagem anti-guerra, In the Valley of Elah mais um filme sbrio de Paul Haggis, que conquistou (ou no, como diro alguns) o seu lugar como dramaturgo de excelncia ao realizar e escrever Crash (2004). Tal como nesse filme, tambm neste o argumento abandona o fio condutor melodramtico em troca de uma progresso mais realista que, sem esquecer a desumanizao a que estamos sujeitos numa situao de perda familiar, se foca essencialmente na frieza de esprito e na revolta silenciosa que nos faz continuar. nesta descrio que se enquadra a personagem de Tommy Lee Jones, um reformado que investiga a morte do filho em territrio americano, pouco tempo depois deste ter deixado o Iraque, onde estava em misso.O desvendar do mistrio vai revelando aos poucos verdades incovenientes, com referncias e simbolismos claros histria bblica que o prprio ttulo sugere: o confronto pico entre David e Golias.O filme peca apenas por ser excessivamente longo e, embora a histria que o suporta seja inspirada em factos reais, a concluso final do mistrio demasiado forada tendo em conta as circunstncias em que este ocorre.Nota positiva tambm para o papel de Charlize Theron, que faz duo com Jones na investigao do crime.Um filme apenas recomendado aos apreciadores de dramas de guerra.

Kurt B (de) wrote: Though the film has aged, the topic of Frankenheimer's classic delve into identity keeps it alive and well.

Jason J (gb) wrote: Yet another great entry in the Carry On series.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: Sansho the Bailiff is a truly great film by Kenji Mizoguchi, who was one of the three big directors of classical Japanese cinema, alongside Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa. It is based on a centuries-old folktale, and has the sort of power and originality that such tales at their best can have. This is the best movie I have watched in some time. The story, set in 11th century Japan, follows the totally undeserved downfall of a family of aristocrats. The father, a governor in his local province, is a good man who cares about the peasants of his region; but because he disagrees with some rough military men, he and his family end up being exiled. The father is sent away first, and on their way to meet him, the mother, daughter, son, and servant are tricked, captured, and sold into either prostitution or slavery. The daughter and son live as slaves for years under the cruel Bailiff Sansho, who has the worst beard in cinematic history. I won't spoil what happens after that.This is not a happy or sentimental story. It's harshly realistic about the characters' fates, and its depiction of slavery is surprisingly brutal and unflinching for a movie of the 1950s. Mizoguchi's storytelling is always clean and efficient. He uses a lot of long shots that last a long time, but unlike in the film Silent Light (which I recently reviewed), there was always a legitimate dramatic reason for the use of this type of shot. He used this technique to get very intense, emotional performances out of his actors, and it worked quite well. There's no obvious directorial flash here beyond the long takes; it's all about the story and the acting. The structure of the film is fairly complex, actually, in contrast to the ostensibly simple visual style. The chronology of the early scenes shifts back and forth several times, though the transitions are marked clearly enough. In one particularly good series of scenes, we hear a song being sung, and then we get a flashback revealing how that song was first composed. It's very poignant, and works better than it would have the other way around. Overall, I think this film has had staying power simply because of the fact that it tells a powerful, memorable story in a manner exactly appropriate to it.Mizoguchi made over 80 films, the majority of which are lost or unavailable in the US. This film is good enough to make me wish we could have all of his work.

George R (kr) wrote: As dull as the film is, I give it major credit for at least giving me chills halfway through, & being able to set an extremely unnerving atmosphere. Plus it's eerie music makes it even creepier, but that's as positive as I can get. There's nothing really that redeeming about it it even original about it other than the music, & atmosphere, so it's a bit of a lame film.It tried as a ghost story, & even added the sentimental value, which did get to me, but the films overall execution really just wasn't well done. I did love the lead character & his love interest (again, the sentimental thing), but the films unnecessary & typical ending also comes close to ruining the entirety of it.Other than that its not the worst horror film out there, it's just a good time killer.