Yeh Sach Hai

Yeh Sach Hai


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Yeh Sach Hai 1975 full movies, Yeh Sach Hai torrents movie

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Yeh Sach Hai torrent reviews

Sungho K (fr) wrote: This is way overrated. Nothing but violence.

Caroline T (br) wrote: Pointless and predictable humdrum.

Creesy D (ca) wrote: I loved it...........

Sarah R (nl) wrote: It will make you believe in miracles, I didn't cry but I was moved. Sum Commota.

ShinyHappyPurple (fr) wrote: Best part is where the guy in the resturant has little worms bursting out of an eye.

Ben H (ag) wrote: Someone get Soderbergh an editor! A film's quality is not determined by it's length.'Che - Part One' was highly engaging and informative, and watching Benicio Del Toro was like watching Robert De Niro back in his hayday. But this conclusive 'Part Two' is a plodding, bloated, unbearably long mess, with many, many, many shots of wandering around the Bolivian jungle, cobbled with trivial chit-chat, inter-burst with some rather perfunctory gun fights. I understand now why it was split in two parts; no one in their right mind would sit through four and half hours of aimless direction. I came away knowing nothing more about Che and his revolution than I already did going in. Historical events are interesting, and with the power of camera you can make even the mundane interesting... so make it bloody interesting, otherwise leave it on the cutting room floor. If it doesn't have a purpose, then it shouldn't be there.

Carmen C (ru) wrote: Me encanto. I loved it.

James R (kr) wrote: Yeah! I'm going to live with Micheal Jackson!

Rodney E (it) wrote: Going to Box Office Video I would always see the box for Demonic Toys and think it looked good for scares. I wasn't totally scared of clowns but saw their potential. The idea that there are demonic toys is stupid but the box did a good job of selling its shitty movie off. Totally not scary and utterly lame.

KarlGunnar H (it) wrote: Looks like a movie night for me tonight! This is another old favourite of mine telling the story of the little Scottish Island who suffered a whisky shortage during WWII until a ship stranded on the island, a ship loaded with lots of whisky...

Joseph S (it) wrote: One of the best Garbo performances.

Josep P (kr) wrote: Pacto de silencio [2013]

Jeff B (us) wrote: OK, before we get going, let's clear the air. Yes, we've got cliche, predictability, and lack of realism. With that out of the way, let's get into it. Keep in mind this is a family movie, so one can excuse a lack of sophistication. All wannabe "serious" critics, take a hike. It's family time. Overall, there's a great warmth to the characters and their interaction, especially with Monte and Finn. Pretty standard fair that you've got the curmudgeonly old guy and honest, straight-from-the-hip 10-yr-old striking a fondness for each other that runs deep. And yes, the wise literary author is even going to learn from his young mentor. Who's teaching who here? Ah yes, cliche but still an enjoyable film. Me and my 10-yr-old liked it, and that's all that matters. Critics be damned.

Michael H (mx) wrote: Amazing experience at the cinema, not that great on DVD. Loki stole the show, but Chris Eccleston was a bit one-dimensional as the baddie.