Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya

Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya

Shady and corrupt lawyer, Rashik Bihari Saxena, frames an innocent child, Mahesh Chander, the son of a convicted thief, for murder. Mahesh is sent to juvenile jail for several years. His father, Shankar, swears vengeance against Advocate Saxena, and abducts one his children, a boy, and names him Ratan. He and his wife, Shanta, nurture him and let him grow with them. Shankar teaches him all the tricks that would make him a master cat burglar. Years later, Ratan has grown up to be a master cat burglar while his lookalike brother, Ajay Saxena, is studying in London. Ajay returns home with a Caucasian wife, Kathryn, who is not welcomed by Advocate Saxena, as a result Ajay too leaves the house. Then a woman named Ruby Gupta is killed, and the evidence links this crime to Saxena.

Shady and corrupt lawyer, Rashik Bihari Saxena, frames an innocent child, Mahesh Chander, the son of a convicted thief, for murder. Mahesh is sent to juvenile jail for several years. His ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill C (gb) wrote: Great flick! Put together immensely well. Dustin couldn't walk away from it either.

Gatan D (mx) wrote: Deze documentaire vind ik een echte aanrader. Het bevestigde mijn kijk op Isral!

Jacob L (ru) wrote: I'm a surfer myself and this shit is relatable as fuck.

Dawid J (ag) wrote: I'm proud of that movie, it's a proof that Polish cinema is still alive, and can produce features on European level. And it's not another gangster movie! Finally! Rispectaa.

Rachel L (nl) wrote: I was hoping it would be funnier...

Matthew L (it) wrote: Take everything from the previous and make it all 10 times worse.

familiar s (ca) wrote: Not my cup of tea. Wish it weren't based on true crime story.0/5

Ella H (ca) wrote: aka The Tower of Death. So 70ies.. including a Secret Underground "Layer".

Randy R (br) wrote: Well not as good the first one. But I did like the battle scenes.

Vincent P (br) wrote: One completely batshit superhero origin tale. Were it trimmed of some of the filmmakers' attempts at making it more art-house type fare (read pretentious, unnecessary segments), it might be more easily comprehensible. It's not without its moments though. This is just a weird instance where I wish WB HAD stepped in and tinkered.That score by Morricone though: absolutely beautiful.

Kyle O (gb) wrote: Right on track with the novel. It was well done!

JuanKa P (gb) wrote: Cameron Daz es June Heavens. Una chica que planea regresar a casa para la boda de su hermana. Conocer a Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), sin saber que este es un super agente secreto. Desde ese momento su vida se ver transtocada en un mundo de accin, aventura y romance en donde Roy siempre parece tenerlo todo bajo control. June deber decidir entre confiar en Roy y alejarse de l permanentemente. Comedia - Accin.

Harry W (jp) wrote: Smoothly executed and acted with perfected performances throughout, Clooney steals the stage for the majority of the picture allowing small glimpses into his co-stars throughout, however it's definitely mostly a Clooney picture - devoid of the feeling of having any ensemble cast to it. This isn't a bad thing, as he is a delight to watch as Danny Ocean - the anti-hero star of the Oceans trilogy. The story has been done before however it hasn't been done like this before and it's extremely thrilling whilst being taut and reserved throughout. It's a film that takes a while to unravel and is mildly confusing throughout, however it's definitely an exciting and well made picture.

Cssio P (fr) wrote: Amazingly bad. Can't understand the sequence of scenes or what anybody does. Incredibly bad science, even for science fiction. Don't loose a second with this film, you won't ever have your second back and you will regret it!

Marilyn P (es) wrote: Creepy British Horror movie well worth watching !!