Yellow Rock

Yellow Rock

Five men ride into the eerie town of Yellow Rock, hoping to rescue a family member and his lost boy. The leader, Max Dietrich, hires Mountain Man, Tom Hanner, to guide them into the Black Paw Tribe territory for the search.

Five men ride into the eerie town of Yellow Rock, hoping to rescue a family member and his lost boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynthia S (mx) wrote: Not great, not horrible. I can't say it is a must see, but it will entertain. Those that gave the rave reviews must really love "the boy that becomes a hero" theme, despite a lack of deep character development that one would want from a movie like this. Mark Strong was good, as usual, though...

Divya M (fr) wrote: It is so much of fun! I love it! Good time pass.

Lindsay C (ru) wrote: A charming, lovely little movie. Quite a contrast to the bleak "Savages," which also deals with ageing and end-of-life issues.

Morgan S (br) wrote: Not all that great of a movie.

Private U (au) wrote: Mean Girls with politics and Italians. Awesome.

Kamila C (br) wrote: Such a nice and touching movie... or a documentary?. I loved the little Jojo (on the picture). Also good when you are learning french :)) Will definitely watch it again!!!

A L (ru) wrote: In America's simplicity is great at first, but worn out by the third act, when the melodrama and boredom kick into gear.

John W (fr) wrote: So bad it's good (well, almost). Light, fun thriller with a full on 80's vibe, despite being made in 1995, Evolver is a throwback to the prior decade's killer robot/videogame movies like Chopping Mall and the video game sequence in Nightmares.

Joseph G (ag) wrote: The film definitely takes its time in making an epic movie. The first 30 minutes of the film play out with very little dialogue, Sergio Leone was not in a hurry making this movie. There are tons of shots that do a sort of slow zoom on Robert Deniro, which gets kind of old quick. I admire the thoughtfulness of this film and even though the length of the film pulls it down a bit, it ultimately plays out as a movie that really does a great job of making us care very much for the characters and amazing stories they create along the way.

Tracy M (nl) wrote: Sarah I knew I didn't dream it:)

Suncica M (ca) wrote: Feels like I floated away into an artistic dream about one of my favorite composers. I enjoyed this one so much! Truly incredible film!

Frances H (mx) wrote: Wonderful performance by Emily Watson in her break through role--she plays an emotionally disturbed woman with a beautiful soul who sacrifices herself so that her husband may live. The plot here is so strange. Although Bess's sacrifice is agonizing and humiliating, in a story that on paper could be part of a porn movie, in this film her beautiful purpose and love come shining through to make the story really about the power of faith and love, and in a strange way, spiritual. In the end, Bess achieves that for which she sacrificed so much, and her act is duly acknowledged.

Anthony B (fr) wrote: Tangled has a great Cast, funny momments and great songs to make this a true classic. and a great retelling

Stuart P (de) wrote: A sad, well told picture, unafraid of exploring some really tricky issues and family relationships. Great stuff.