For years Yellowbeard had looted the Spanish Main, making men eat their lips and swallow their hearts. Caught and convicted for tax evasion, he's sentenced to 20 years in St. Victim's Prison for the Extremely Naughty. In a scheme to confiscate his fabulous treasure, the Royal Navy allows him to escape and follows him, where saucy tarts, lisping demigods and some awful puns and punishments await.

The story takes place on a film set in 16th century. Many pirates are eager to track down a fabulous treasure, the map for which is tattooed on the skull of a famous pirate Yellowbeard's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James S (kr) wrote: A captivating and gripping take on the darkest era in our government's history.

Thomas A (ca) wrote: The title "Russian Dolls" is rather unfortunate, as it makes the movie sound like it is a girly movie. Which it is not, really. This sequel to "L'Auberge Espagnole" is about the love ventures of Xavier (Romain Duris) as he tries to decide which among his latest jobs (and girlfriends) are really worth the hassle to stick onto. A mini mid-life crisis, I say.I did not find out that this is a sequel movie until I read the synopsis soon after watching it. Nevertheless, as a standalone movie, "Russian Dolls" is still a lovely movie to watch.The excellent actresses (e.g. Audrey Tautou, Lucy Gordon) and the dreamy soundtrack that accompanies us throughout the movie have made this French-British romantic comedies one of my favourites of all time.

Anastasia (ca) wrote: Ok climax (13) OWN DVD

Kevin M (mx) wrote: "He came into town with his cock in hand, and what he did with it is illegal in 48 states." A downright bizarre hybrid of character study and cockfighting procedural. We've got Warren Oates living out of a trailer subsisting on Jack Daniels and fried food, with a girlfriend who won't stop giving him problems because of his vow of silence. All his energy is focused on grooming single roosters to become unstoppable Cock Terminators. And these are the Good Old Days, before Harry Dean Stanton comes 'round to clean him out. This is a Roger Corman production, done on the cheap documentary-style by maverick Monte Hellman in his followup to the epic "Two-Lane Blacktop". The seedy Bible Belt locations are all authentic, the local color is all genuine, and the cockfights are very, very real. For these reasons above, "Cockfighter" will only appeal to a fringe minority of people. At least these chickens had dignified onscreen deaths (Hell, one rooster in particular is a downright badass). Take it all in stride, and it will help if you have a drink whenever Warren Oates does.

Jon S (mx) wrote: They put more into the cocaine-fueled sex scene than the plot of the movie.

Anne F (kr) wrote: Propaganda film released and set in 1942, although the beginning and of the film are 'after the War'. The film gives us a look at the lives and fears of people at that time - German invasion, trusted neighbours being untrustworthy and the hope of triumph of good over evil. The film was surprisingly violent, but would not be deemed so by today's standards.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Charles P (gb) wrote: Wolf Creek is a cheap exercise in gratuitous violence and sadism.

Arielle Y (ag) wrote: timeless and timely indeed.

Carlos M (au) wrote: A cute, entertaining yet forgettable animation with too many clichs and whose charm lies in its exuberant visuals and an exotic (but clichd) composition of a Rio de Janeiro full of samba and colors. It is only sad, though, that the story is so conventional and never more than ordinary.