A Jewish girl disguises herself as a boy to enter religious training.

After the death of their parents, Jewish girl Yentl Mendel is left orphaned and homeless. Given no choice left, she takes the most important decision in her life: leave the village and disguised as a boy to join the religious school, a school that prohibits girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnson C (us) wrote: A very good romantic comedy, with the different views of the capital city Beijing. Overall you don't feel bored about it.

Trevor C (es) wrote: I'm surprised this is garbage coming from tony jaa

Johnnie H (nl) wrote: If Anthony Hopkins is in it, watch it!

Ben D (es) wrote: Boring love triangle blah, blah, blah, annoying characters blah, blah, blah, horribly predictable script and plot, blah, blah, blah I don't care anymore. Terrible movie. Stay far away.

bob w (ca) wrote: Really awful stuff. Couldn't make it past the second beating scene. Val Kilmer plays a dead guy. Horrible.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: The best parts of this film are the family sequences, this is not just a film about football. Again, shame about the American subtitles, they just don't understand football do they?

Sharon N (ru) wrote: This was A Good Movie a Real Eye Opener...

Blake P (de) wrote: A cigarette in one hand with a drink in the other, Robert Harmon (John Cassavetes) is surrounded by a group of young women. With false smiles on their faces and eyes that long to be anywhere else, we're quick to realize that they're prostitutes. But Robert doesn't long for sex nor does he have a fixation on women with cheap makeup and a money-hungry disposition. He is so lonely that clothing himself in hookers and alcohol warms him from the cold, calculated exhibitions that plague his existence. In his glory days, he was a successful romance novelist. Womanizing was a hobby rather than a career. But the film shows him years later, completely washed up, selfish, and alone in his sprawling, wine glass covered mansion. "What is a good time?" he desperately asks one of his companions. He isn't making conversation to get to know her; it seems that he is so starved for happiness that he wonders if there's some new formula for euphoria that he simply isn't aware of. When she meekly replies that sex is a good time (she doesn't even seem to believe it herself), disappointment floods over Robert's eyes. The disappointment isn't the sweet, forgivable kind that a child faces when a field trip is canceled. It instead feels like someone is telling him that the person he loves most has died, and afterwards, he gets punched in the face. "Love Streams" was John Cassavetes' last film, and it's most certainly his most melancholy and reflective. Months before it was made, Cassavetes was informed that he was suffering from a terminal illness and had only six months to live. The sadness in his demeanor feels so true that Robert himself seems like a mutated autobiographical character. Robert's dying is not physical but emotional - his wonder years are far past him, and success and contentment have been replaced by crippling depression and booze. Mirroring Robert's numbness is his sister Sarah (Gena Rowlands). In the middle of a divorce and back from a recent stay at a mental institution, Sarah is miserable but can't admit it to herself. Her daughter despises her; her husband has had enough. A psychiatrist recommends she take a lover or visit another country; in one of the film's most brutally funny scenes, Sarah arrives at a French train station, 10+ bags in tow, begging a confused security guard to help her carry them to her destination. Rowlands is a severely underrated actress, one that carries an oddball charisma on her shoulders and a slightly screwball attitude. In "Love Streams," Rowlands looks like a faded Hollywood actress from the '50s; her blonde hair is curled and as big as her body, she wears glamorous outfits, even if she's dressing for no one, and she treats every situation as if she were a loony Bette Davis. Later in the film, Robert and Sarah collide with brute force; after her unsuccessful trip to Europe, she randomly shows up at his house. He treats her like she's a sort of God; she fills his hollow void and is finally given a chance to utilize her clinginess. "Love Streams" is about crazy, manic people, but Cassavetes makes it clear that they didn't begin as crazy people. Life turned them that way, whether it be through excessive living or a unrealistic expectation for love. The film is hard to sit through, as Cassavetes gives us no breathing room and clutters our eyes with an abundance of close-ups. Yet its unpredictability and stabbing laughs make it more than just a regular slice-of-life drama; some scenes are so bizarre that it makes the situation seem ever more realistic. After all, people don't always act like movie characters. The actors act as if there are no cameras in their midst, and that's one of the reasons "Love Streams" is so painful. You want there to be a happy-go-lucky resolution; you want Robert and Sarah to find a way to curb their wounds. But Cassavetes is too fickle for that. These aren't the kind of people who will commit suicide to escape their troubles. They're people that don't even realize how messed up they are; in that sense, they'll never be able to change. You don't leave "Love Streams" in love or with a romanticized notion of drama; you're stunted.

Barney o (ru) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Brosnan is his best in his final outing as Bond; bringing the neccesary levels of heart and engagement to this crazy revenge plot. The supporting cast who surround him (particularly Halle Berry) also shine, and as a result you're genuinely hooked, despite the sheer madness of everything that occurs. In fact, it's a lot like a good Moore-era Bond in that way, with great character work to keep it's entertainingly ridiculous action set-pieces together and working.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: In the same breath, it could be deemed the most ridiculous Bond adventure of all...VERDICT: Brosnan goes out with a bang. 'Die Another Day' often straddles the line between madness and grittiness extremelly well... just occasionally it over-steps the mark.

Chris M (jp) wrote: Stallone tried a little to hard at times, but still this was a great movie.

F B (gb) wrote: Started with promise but turned into boring and confusion.

Chris M (fr) wrote: God but I wanted to dislike this. But I couldn't. For all its stereotypes and well-worn plot, it is very well written and full of richly drawn characters. And I laughed quite a lot.

Konrad A (br) wrote: This movie is like cheaper by the dozen with a lot of kids. This movie is funny and can teach you not to rush into marriage and also getting along with your brothers and sisters and everyone else. This movie has funny scenes of the movie!!