Yes, God, Yes

Yes, God, Yes

Fifteen-year-old Alice has always been a good Catholic, but when an innocent AOL chat turns unexpectedly racy, she finds herself suddenly obsessed with sex.

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Dj S (it) wrote: eat balls bitches, this flick was tha tightness! load yer two stage and blaze dat piff while peeping on a come up son! good music and one liners that deliver make this a better watch on netflix than some Fucking dowton crabby bullshiiiit!

Brennan A (ca) wrote: This was a masterpiece to say the least. The main thread of this movie is to make it to Spain to be at their mother's funeral, but what happens on the way there is what shapes these two young men. Dialogue comes second to observation and expression. I realized towards the end that the twins had something that is rare to find in actors and in people, an air of mystery and unspoken word. If I'm being honest I initially watched this because I thought this was going to center around forbidden love and all of the fabrics that make a family and also break them. But to my surprise this film let life play out, let emotions and thoughts and the present of youth dominate the screen. This made the film a time capsule of innocence, maturity (in the most fascinating way), and nostalgia. I don't think I'll ever forget this movie, and I plan on making a poster out of it when I go back to the dorms. Thank you Pascal-Alex Vincent for this wonderful film.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Trent ford gets by with his deep eyes.

Matthew P (es) wrote: Films that try to balance horror and comedy can often fail by not finding the right balance, focusing too much of their time on one aspect or the other. Idle Hands doesn't have to worry about this problem, as neither genre has anything going for it. There are very few attempted scares, none of which actually have the desired effect. If comedy was attempted, it didn't work. Even Seth Green, a funny person, couldn't make me grin. Idle Hands falls flat on almost every conceivable level. The film begins with the murder of a couple of parents. That's always a good way to start, because it means that the slacker kid, in this case a guy named Anton (Devon Sawa) can get away with whatever he wants. No parents, no rules, right? After their death, which happens under a bed, the next bit of the film just has Anton sitting around, getting high. He has two friends, Mick (Green) and Pnub (Elden Henson), who also prefer to spend their time this way. Before you know it, they wind up dead, as it turns out Anton is the killer. Well, Anton's hand. Yes, Satan has possessed Anton's hand, giving it a mind of its own. It is, unfortunately, still attached to his body (for now), so Anton still ha some power over it, although it somehow did manage to kill the slacker's parents. Now it wants to kill everyone else, including the hottie who lives across the street, Molly (Jessica Alba). Obviously that won't do, so Anton and his living dead friends decide to do whatever it takes to stop the hand from doing what it wants to do: kill people. I'll give you a sense of the attempts at humor that the film makes. When Anton asks his friends how they're still walking around after he stabbed a bottle into the forehead of one and sliced the other's head off the body, the reply is "We saw the light, but it was too long a walk." Perhaps it's delivered even less articulately than that; I honestly can't remember. Not a single line of dialogue from this film sticks with you after it's over. Comedies can sometimes be memorable because of just a joke or two being absolutely hilarious. Idle Hands doesn't even have one. There's a subplot involving a woman played by Vivicia A. Fox, whose entire life is apparently dedicated to tracking down the possessed hand. We learn that it can jump around from person to person, picking people who don't use their hand for enough activities. She's like a bounty hunter, I guess, although she only has one target and is determined not to capture it, but to ensure that it is dead. You stab it with a special knife, you see, and that somehow stops Satan from possessing another hand. It doesn't have to all make sense, but considering that the entire purpose of this subplot is to try to explain the back story -- and add an artificial time limit which has no impact on anything -- it would have been nice if it did add up. As it is, it's a subplot that could have been trimmed and the only thing we'd miss would be learning that, yes, Satan is behind it, and, yes, he can be stopped. You don't necessarily need it to be a knife. How about you just kill the hand and see where it goes from there? If it doesn't work, you have sequel material. It's overly convoluted yet too simplistic. You can summarize its entire plot in a sentence, yet the film takes 90 minutes to explain itself. It doesn't try to scare you with anything more than a couple of "startling" jump scares, all of which are telegraphed so loudly that the film's score practically yells to you that it's about to have something pop up from out of nowhere. Improvisation can be funny, but it isn't here. One of the main things that Anton likes to do is get high with marijuana smoked out of his asthma inhaler. I can't say one way or another, but if the people behind the film were high when making it, or at least writing it, that would explain so much. The director is Rodman Flender, the man behind Leprechaun 2, so it's not like this is out of the realm of possibility here. All of the actors seem to be having a bit too much fun given how lives are in danger, so maybe I'm not just making things up for the sake of extending this review. Maybe... Speaking of the actors, almost all of the performances are simply too nice given the grave situation the characters find themselves in. Everyone's too cheerful, too happy, to make it believable that they even care that the entire world, potentially, is at risk. Even the ones who aren't perpetually stoned act this way. Maybe it's a simple lack of talent, or perhaps they were directed this way to be funny, but none of it works. The best actors are the guys from The Offspring, who play at the school's dance for a couple of scenes. Idle Hands is a complete disaster that might be funny or even possibly scary if you're really high, but barring that, it features nothing that could even ironically be described as "competent." Bad writing, bad direction, bad acting -- even the effects for the evil hand are pretty bad! Nobody on this project seemed to care about it, and that's exactly what you should do as well. Forget that Idle Hands exists and go do something more useful with your time.

Sue N (de) wrote: Brilliant film!!! every time u watch it, u will see something you missed the first time

lenny d (au) wrote: Sitting through this film is like suffering through slow burn. It's painful and I thought I was watching softcore at one point. Then near the end, the film decides to throw in bunch of plot twists just for the sake of having them. Usual Suspects? Not even close.

Frederick Allen F (de) wrote: I don't know if 'twas the annoying dubbing (i'd rather read subtitles), but the whole movie felt unnatural and rough around the edges.

John B (ru) wrote: Since the video game series was a favorite of mine, might as well check this flick out!

Big l (mx) wrote: Featuring a musically inexperienced and somewhat unrecognizable cast; at first i assumed the worst for this version of The Phantom of the Opera though i was pleasantly surprised. The critic reviews have been overwhelmingly negative many noting how Butler has little experience singing and suggesting that his performance left a lot to be desired, i, in fact, would argue that a combination of the pitch correction and the raw emotion that Butler portrays while singing make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience which challenges many other incarnations of the Phantoms character.whilst many Critics have suggested that the film is lackluster when compared to the on-stage musical performance, i believe that this comparison is inherently flawed as comparing two different mediums isn't necessarily fair as both will have certain advantages and disadvantages in the fields of portraying themes and utilization of dramatic techniques. From this point i would challenge you to find a superior film adaptation of Webbers' musical.Notably well-choreographed scenes such as the masquerade scene create a genuine atmosphere as if the silver screen was a stage in front of you. Despite this, many scenes can come of over-done and somewhat comical, for example the Phantom descending the stairs in-step with the background music during the "Why so silent" sequence and even the grand face-reveal which is supposed to be one of the, if not THE key scene in the musical. This comical appearance really was the key theme which ruined the viewing for me which is a shame as i enjoyed much of the film which man other reviewers did not. When i take all these factors into account i would give the movie an overall rating of 4/10, which would constitute a negative rating, though it is worth mentioning that overall i did enjoy the film and would recommend watching it and forming your own opinions based on the different features and drawbacks of the movie.

Cody B (ag) wrote: One of the greatest efforts by a director I have ever seen.