Yes, We Have No Bonanza

Yes, We Have No Bonanza

Set in a western town, the stooges are working as waiters in a saloon with the three girls they hope to marry. The proprietor of the saloon is a crook who, with his partner, has buried ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yes, We Have No Bonanza torrent reviews

Eric A (fr) wrote: Similar plot line to The Rabbit Hole. Solid movie.

Sally A (us) wrote: The movie was ok, but lacked something... I really didn't like it as much as the second one. There were some parts that were funny, but then later, I got bored.

Carl N (nl) wrote: It's an important story in the history of U.S. race relations, but it doesn't translate terribly well into a movie. It doesn't build much suspense. It's probably better to tell this kind of story from the point of view of the accused, not his lawyer.

Emer L (ag) wrote: Amy Adams is so into this character that you can live with this family through her eyes! Supporting cast with equally convincing roles and the carefully paced flow of this movie only shows the complexity of how they are!

Pekka P (au) wrote: Chilling case and all real.

SR H (it) wrote: I felt it was kind of cliched, everything you expected to happen happens. Not fantastic, it's okay, probably won't see it again.

annie k (us) wrote: ok even if your not religous

FactionDave 0 (ru) wrote: Kevin Smiths universe of crude and explicit jokes are put on stand by for a movie that Is nothing that he's done before and has done since but is one that will stand out in his career of Star Wars and stoner jokes.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Not bad post-apocalyptic flick. It's no "Mad Max" or "Escape from New York", but it's far better than say "Hell Comes to Frogtown". It's must see viewing for Michael Ironside fans, since this is the only film I can think of where he plays the hero. The story is essentially "Stagecoach" set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (kind of like what Patrick Swayze did with "Shane" in his not all that horrible "Steel Dawn").

Ben L (ru) wrote: Norma Rae is a movie that does a lot to create moments and it certainly feels like it was built to earn the lead actress an Oscar nomination. I have some big problems with the structure of the film, though. Why set up the death of Norma's father and literally never reference it again? Why make the biggest confrontation between Norma and the factory about a notice on the bulletin board, but then never show how that impacts the union's efforts? It's these kind of missed opportunities that I think hurt the overall story and kept Norma Rae from being a good film. I did appreciate the way they handled her love life and kind of showed her past mistakes, and how she was making better decisions because of that. The camaraderie between Sally Field and Ron Leibman was great, and I'm glad it never devolved into a pointless affair that would have totally detracted from the story. Again, I think Norma Rae is loaded with moments that could be significant, but fails to cash in on those moments. I never became emotionally engaged, and this could have been a very heartfelt story. I certainly didn't hate the movie, and would watch it again if someone asked, but I guarantee I won't be seeking it out.

Private U (mx) wrote: Blurs the line between spoof and drama. It has some funny moments and great noir style dialogue. Finney is excellent as the bored bingo caller turned private detective. There are politically incorrect moments which are true to the source. However, they come across here as crass and dated whereas in the noir novels I have read they have always come across as social commentary and gritty realism.

Zachary M (fr) wrote: If you've never seen the original television series, just by watching this one, you'll have a good idea of what it was. Fun, cheesy, but God is this long. At way over two hours it starts to become a slog. Just cut a good half hour out of it and you've got a fun little laugh, otherwise it could be a bit too sluggish.

monsieur r (de) wrote: Impressive diabolical thriller. Roy Scheider is as incredible an actor as there has ever been in our brief existance. Finding a girl in his apartment after he has been gone a while, they wrestle for the apartment. This is all Scheider. He IS this movie. From one shocking scene to another, this man who is under constant threat of being killed (or he thinks so), seeks just the comfort he needs from his young girl roomate. He lost his wife, now he is losing his mind. Just incredible acting. An incredible film. Christopher Walken is so good too. A real plus in his short appearance. Roy Scheider stars as a government agent losing his grip on sanity when his wife is killed and he becomes the assassins' next target in this frightening story that co-stars Mandy Patinkin and Christopher Walken. But is he really losing his sanity? Cast Roy Scheider Mandy Patinkin Christopher Walken John Glover Janet Margolin Sam Levene Charles Napier Crew Director: Jonathan Demme Costume Designer: Jane Greenwood Cinematographer: Tak Fujimoto Editor: Barry Malkin Screenplay: David Shaber Associate Producer: John Nicolella Production Designer: Charles Rosen Composer: Miklos Rozsa Producer: Michael Taylor Producer: Dan Wigutow