After arresting a drug dealer during an undercover operation, police officer Yeshwant Lohar (Nana Patekar) is framed for murder and imprisoned by his corrupt supervisor, Salim Shaikh (Mohan Joshi), who is involved in distributing narcotics. Determined to prove her husband's innocence, wife Ragini (Madhoo) resists Salim's attempts to intimidate or bribe her. Salim then releases false photos of Ragini having an affair with police officer Atul (Atul Agnihotri), shaking Yeshwant's faith in his wife.

Tough policier about a straight, but maverick cop who does not believe in bending over, no matter what. He encourages his wife to become a lawyer and tutors her at home, while helping with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (it) wrote: It's definitely important and Mark Ruffalo does a good job holding it together, but the film's too show-offey and having a series of dramatic monologues and freakouts doesn't make it any more important. There's facts in here to learn about, as well as visual representation of the sheer terror the AIDS virus brought to this community, but its need to be an compelling, award-winning HBO film gets in the way.

Andrew W (mx) wrote: Pure garbage, yes, with big ole left-hanging plot holes and, well, let's just say I gave it 1.5 stars instead of a half-star because I'm completely in love with Nick Stahl. That's it.

Jeffrey D (es) wrote: I really liked this movie. Funny and moving.

Steve K (br) wrote: Please, God, kill these people faster.

Andriy D (gb) wrote: The most recent film from Taiwanese master Hou Hsiao Hsien that takes place... in Paris!? A saga about childhood in a big city focuses - unlike Hou's earlier films - on lives of rich, rather than poor, people. I guess that this well made, slow-developing picture deserves praise for its intricate structure that it shares with Hou's earlier films. Nevertheless, I think it was a bad decision for Hou to make a French film set in Paris with Juliette Binoche (duh!) as a main character. It somehow deprives his work of realism that is so prominent in his earlier works such as 'All the Youthful Days'. Let us put in bluntly: 'The Flight of the Red Balloon' is a pretentious film.

Christina M (ca) wrote: I love Emily Lloyd's character. She gives all those crusty old people a heart attack.

Darren H (ca) wrote: The start of the best gay film series EVAR.

Agustn S (de) wrote: 28 Days Later is a terrifying and thoroughly brutal zombie flick. It's direction is consistently sharp, it's cast is competent enough and the overall atmosphere is effective and unnerving from beginning to end.

Lisa D (it) wrote: This is a silly movie, but still funny! Watched it back in the 80s and still quote lines today. I think this movie was made to make fun of themselves and never to be taken seriously, just silly humor!

Alex V (us) wrote: Good ole 70's. Hopkins is genius.

Anders J (ca) wrote: Grei "nature goes wild" film, nok en gang fra William Girdler. Og trolig med et av de sykeste plottene noensinne bruket i en slik film. Forurensning har bestandig vrt et tema i denne type film, og "Day Of The Animals" er intet unntak. Derimot dreier det seg om de farlige gassene fra diverse spraybokser denne gang, og dyrene i skogen har blitt sinnsyke pga. UV strlingen. Med andre ord ganske tafatte saker dette og filmen beveger seg ogs smertefullt treig til tider. Det som dog til syvende og sist redder denne er Leslie Nielsen. Dette er nok den sykeste rollen denne mannen noen gang har tatt p seg, og i tillegg er jo fyren en svrt god skuespiller. Er man ogs fan av at karakterene blir tildelt nicknames i lpet av filmen kan man nevne at Nielsen bruker navnet "Hot Shot" ca. 250 ganger i den tiden filmen varer, samt noen andre riktig s "originale" navn. Ikke Girdler's beste natur film dette, da anbefales mye heller "Grizzly", som bde er bedre regissert, beveger seg fortere og skilter med mer blod og grr.

Josh S (au) wrote: Such a fun movie! Casting was perfect for the movie! Don't watch the sequels they were ok!

Chint (au) wrote: Nothing special to this movie !!!

Matthew B (br) wrote: Before you go to sleep watch Gothika