Yi dan er li san gong fu

Yi dan er li san gong fu

Gordon Liu stars in this Kung Fu comedy as an undercover Shaolin Monk. While searching for a fugitive who has wronged the order, the Master (Liu) uncovers a scheme to steal the priceless ...

A mysterious traveler enlists two bumbling con men in a plan to get back supposed family heirlooms stolen by a missing housekeeper who uses various disguises to elude capture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (au) wrote: I saw this listed somewhere as "erotic drama," though I think soft-core porn is probably a more apt description...not that I have a problem with it. Lauren Lee Smith is a real hottie, though a bit on the skinny side for my tastes. She and Balfour do a fairly good job of portraying a couple who are afraid of real intimacy. All they've known is sex (and lots of it with lots of different people). A decent journey where growth is shown in the characters. Worth a look. You wrote this on 1/27/09.

Meg H (gb) wrote: Really off-key, but I really nice.

Francisco S (ca) wrote: Annoying, boring, poor cast, not interesting, exaggerated at points, predictable and not original with a lot of cliches. Nothing we hadn't see before on TV.

Jenna G (es) wrote: It's kinda fun ... but nothing amazing.

Gergely K (au) wrote: Egyszerre id (C)zte meg gyermekkorom mutnsos poszt-apokaliptikus zsner filmjeit, ember g (C)p-interf (C)sz kerettrt (C)nete maximlisan kiel (C)gtette a mostani "feln'tt" vltozatom. Bruce Cambell meg kirly (C)s k (C)sz.

Joo B (mx) wrote: Mistery & supernatural amazing movie. This one will be forever one of the best.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Visually splendid chronicle of a wealthy, extravagant socialite (Danielle Darrieux) who is married to a well-known general (Charley Boyer), who is has bought her so many valuables, that has led to him being embraced in debt. As a result, she begins to look to other men for new gifts and affection, especially that of an Italian baron (Vittorio de Sica(!)), who begins to swoon her with jewelry. Now, the two men begin to compete for one another, which eventually lead to a heartbreaking conclusion. Quiet memorable due to the beautifully filmed photography, set pieces, and the stage presence of Darrieux and Boyer. Shocking to see de Sica in an acting role, especially a French film for that matter. Overall, a generally well-made movie!

Al M (au) wrote: A solid final entry in the Universal Frankenstein series, House of Frankenstein is a crossover film that brings together the creature, the Wolf Man, and Dracula in its gothic tale of individuals who remain trapped by their conditions or past. A surprisingly effective--if at times silly--film that has fun with all of its different tragic characters.

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Antiviral," you must excuse Syd March(Caleb Landry Jones) for feeling ill today. He has injected a celebrity virus into himself, in order to get it past security at the clinic where he works, so he can sell it on the black market. Luckily for him, he is not the worker who gets caught smuggling. So, he gets promoted to pay a house call to Hannah Geist(Sarah Gadon) to collect her latest virus.Admittedly, "Antiviral" does have a creepy atmosphere and a creepier Malcolm McDowell. But its story really does not add up to much. However, it does have one truly great idea. Which is that celebrity culture is in fact a very contagious and dangerous virus. After all, Bill Hicks did say that humanity is a virus with shoes.

Anthony V (de) wrote: Great pirate action.

Charles P (fr) wrote: The incomprehensible sci-fi elements are so misguided that the initial chilling atmosphere is swiftly drenched in alien gore and an exhausting runtime.

Danielle A (ag) wrote: Such an original concept for the time. It had some very unique kills and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Angie F (au) wrote: Yes it's cheesy, it doesn't have the greatest plot but I hadn't laughed so hard with a movie in a long time, I thought it was pure genious simple fun

Paul S (gb) wrote: Another film with interesting accents, and thoroughly far fetched, but thoroughly entertaining