Yi Yi

Yi Yi

Each member of a family in Taipei asks hard questions about life's meaning as they live through everyday quandaries.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:173 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Mandarin,Min Nan,Hokkien,English,Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:umbrella,   murder,   fight,  

A"Why is the world so different from what we think it is?" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth L (jp) wrote: Another wedding in Vegas advertisement.

Hardy H (kr) wrote: i've enjoyed and defended this saga, even the prequel. But the latest installment was disappointing even though i was having pretty low expectation.first, if they couldn't sign Scott Speedsman for any reason, just write him off the story. Being around the bush, i.e pretending he happens to not be in the shot, or pasting his face on a stand-in, is very lame. Second, they could've done any to their heart's desire for the unprecedented offspring, and decided to go with the little girl from the exorcist's -it's difficult to root for her when she looks to be possessed by the devil. third, some of the grittiness was gone, and that's a shame.

Sumit P (us) wrote: love...power...revolution >>>a full package<<<

Kayla (ag) wrote: I kind-of want to see it, i heard it wasn't the best!

Tim M (jp) wrote: Sucked... The end was a bit...

Jennifer M (it) wrote: Really awkward but the talent is clear and it's a true coming of age movie

Ghel D (ag) wrote: 2nd tym t0 watch.. nkakaexcite pa din pa din.. ?

Jackie S (us) wrote: ah jerry... this movie makes me sad but at the same time it's a great look into his personal life and friendship with david. great great movie!

Charles P (au) wrote: Utter nonsense. But what nonsense! At the 10 minute mark I gave up trying to make sense of what was going on as, really, DePalma didn't give a damn so why should I? Why is this tagged as a 'drama, horror, mystery and suspense' when it is an absurd Hitchcock pastiche? No wonder this film, and maybe DePalma, are misunderstood (especially by my younger self) if I'm supposed to take this seriously. It's like taking David Lynch seriously.

Liam A (br) wrote: out of the 3 films this one is the lesser part imo, but it is still quite fun and has more drillings! and quite a few other methods of dispatching the teen victims it also throws in a mystery killer subplot for the start of the film but it's pretty easy to pick who it is 7/10

Dave J (ca) wrote: Thursday, June 3, 2010 (1986) Legacy of Rage (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION The only film Brandon Lee did in Hong Kong which was also the first film he did too. And I read somewhere where he stated that if can't do any of the stunts in Hong Kong since the Chinese do push the envelope whenever it comes to stunts and action in the 80's and 90's than you can't make it anywhere else!! This film has more realistic shooting than Brandon Lee's martial arts which whenever it does have any fighting, it is described as hard hitting, bloody, and extremely violent! The stupid storyline is to showcase what Brandon Lee could do stunt wise and is quite impressive that he wasn't even killed during the making of this film and ironic that he was killed on an American film and not this one! The irony of this was although this film was released during the same year as John Woo's film "A Better Tomorrow" and both consist as much shooting that it was John Woo's film that came out on top making it the higest grossing movie of the year in Hong Kong with a toal of 36 Million! Brendan Lee can't even speak a word of Chinese as well but his voiceovers like most foreigners is extremely well done! Footnote: Because this film was first released in Chinese (Cantonese)dialect with English subtitles- it sounds best in that language as well! The storyline is like "no stars" but the action is 4/4 !

K J E (it) wrote: This is an older film and I believe the book unfolds much better than the film. This is a true story about a senseless execution by petty criminals. This film will make you angry. Your anger will be directed at our justice system. This movie shows you just how the victims are often treated as though they were the criminal. Chilling... James Woods plays the psychotic killer to perfection.

Little D (br) wrote: The main problem that I had with this film was that, with the exception of a couple scenes, there really wasn't any "magic" in it....... It would have been more fitting for the title to be "The Dummy," "The Ventriloquist," or even "Fats." There were some aspects of the characters and storyline that I did find interesting, but in all honesty, I started to get bored after the first half hour. Hopkins' acting was the only thing about this movie that really stood out.

Weul S (ru) wrote: Upon inheriting his grandfather's castle, a neurologist follows the family tradition in this hilarious Mel Brooks film.

Grayson W (kr) wrote: Very surreal and psychedelic 70s sci fi flick staring Sean Connery as the barbarian in the red diaper. Zardoz is a floating head made of rock that is God who tells the people to kill and harvest grain. But there is more to the mystery...

Benjamin N (de) wrote: Interesting ideas, good style at points, hilariously bad at points.

Esteban G (kr) wrote: "There is an uprising!"Battleship Potemkin is one of the true masterpieces from the silent film era thanks to the innovative editing techniques used by director Sergei Eisenstein. He took the basic principles of continuous editing that D.W. Griffith had used a decade earlier and revolutionized film with his now famous montages. Battleship Potemkin has brilliant montages and by combining these different shots together an entire new meaning emerges. This is one of those rare silent films that not only can be appreciated for the important role it played in the revolution of cinema, but it also happens to be very entertaining on its own. The action scenes were beautifully shot and edited together to stir an even greater emotional impact. Of course, the film isn't without its flaws because being the political film it is (Communist propaganda), its leftist message is heavy handed. The sailors and workers are presented as the saints, while the tsarists are demonized. No matter if you agree or not with the message of the film, there is no denying that this movie is worth watching thanks to Eisenstein's technical achievements and some iconic scenes that continue to influence the way we view cinema today. The screenplay commemorating the uprising of 1905 in Russia was written by Nina Agadzhanova. The story focuses on the crew of the Battleship Potemkin who were being treated poorly by their commanders. One of the sailors, Vokulinchuk (Alexander Antonov), decides it's time for them to stand up like the rest of the nation has against this oppressive government. The next day, the crew refuses to eat the rotten meat served for them and begin a protest which leads to a violent riot. The sailors try to ignite the revolution by raising a red flag near their home port, but when Vokulinchuk is violently killed the people of Odessa become outraged. Things get out of control for the Tsar regime who violently kill hundreds of innocent people on the Odessa Steps, which only ignites more indignation from the rest of the protestors. They have reached a point of no return and there is no stopping the revolution now.The climactic and most memorable action scene takes place during the middle of the film in the Odessa Steps where Eisenstein brilliantly uses rhythmic editing to build the suspense. This scene has become iconic and many directors have payed homage to it. These montages were a perfect fit for propagandistic purposes because they stirred powerful emotions and could easily manipulate the audience. That is why some directors prefer using long takes instead of montages, but there is no denying that Eisenstein's visionary way of directing has influenced cinema today. I appreciated this film very much, but I also enjoyed it and was entertained throughout its short running time. There are also some beautiful shots in Potemkin so a lot of credit has to be given to cinematographer Eduard Tisse. This is a must see film for all the technical achievements involved, and you will be surprised at how well Eisenstein put together those scenes to leave audiences at the edge of their seats.

Peter N (mx) wrote: Typical Spike Lee: bizarre and interesting. Ray Allen's acting chops are the highlight of the film.