Yin hun nan nu

Yin hun nan nu


In the romantic-comedy "Mr. and Mrs. Single," the movie tackles the Chinese social phenomenon of secret marriages for young couples looking for better jobs and higher income. A young man (Eason Chan) with high mortgage payments to fulfill takes the job of a personal-assistant to a female CEO (Rene Liu) under the condition that he is still single. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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neil L (es) wrote: Truly a wonderful film, one of the greatest films about slavery.

Jordan W (ru) wrote: Good choreography and a good plot. I enjoyed it.

Abel G (jp) wrote: Interesting, but I'm still sad because the series is over and nothing will be the same...

Everardo C (ru) wrote: La pelcula nos muestra una versin mas humana, simplemente ver para creer

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: A small film about demons and deceit, done in play/theatre fashion (backdrops, minimal props and stage lighting). I liked the demon costumes and thought the diolog was funny, as well as qoutable. Highly recommended.

Michael T (ca) wrote: Jessica Simpson delivers a bravura performance as a small town girl, rising through New York's corporate jungle...A damning statement on modern society...Seriously, this is horrendous...

Jessica H (es) wrote: Eva is good and Union has the role down, complete with a sexy costar.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Bold, emotional, hilarious and unforgettable. This '90s masterpiece takes the classic rise and fall story, but plays with it in the '70s porn industry and pairs it with strong and ambitious themes. An extremely talented ensemble cast delivers a plethora of skillful performances. Paul Thomas Anderson is a master and he hit an amazing creative stride very early on in his career with this near flawless character study.This film, however, studies the porn industry as a kind of single collective character. It's shallow, vain, na,ve, and relatively unintelligent, but we see that these are human beings with aspirations and goals in life, people that are capable of love.

Dustin M (jp) wrote: This is a fantastically hilarious and unpredictable Woody Allen film. Terrific performances, consistently funny, original. Don't speak, it's a near perfect package.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Very underrated comedy. I love the small parts played by the cast of SCTV. Eugene Levy is hilarious!

Anthony C (ru) wrote: A heavy war drama that loses its way as it moves towards its intense, but convoluted climax.

KJ P (mx) wrote: Back in action, "Diamonds Are Forever" showcases Sean Connery in his last Bond role, and although it is among his weakest entries, if not the weakest, it is definitely an entertaining ride. With clever dialogue and a fast-paced story, this film works in every way. The visuals are improving, the story is good, and the classiness is still in tact. What I admired about this movie is the fact that even though the villains became full of themselves and the "precious artifacts" were stolen far too many times, the seriousness is building up for the franchise. "Diamonds are Forever" is a fun return to form for the franchise. "Diamonds are Forever" is an average bond film, but I enjoyed it.

Marion R (ag) wrote: Preach, preach, peach, war orphans, boo hoo... Plus the singing was annoying

steve c (ag) wrote: only way to make better is more Scarlett Johansson and less Helen mirren

Elliot S (de) wrote: This is the most amazing movie I've ever seen! It truly touches my heart and brings me to tears when I see mega shark jump out of the water and eat a plane! The animation and special effects in this movie are amazing! They're so realistic that it gives Avatar a run for it's money! For some reason some people think this movie is cheesy and bad or they think it's funny but I don't understand how people don't start bawling when mega shark eats the golden gate bridge! It's a touching, sad, and thought-inducing movie that teaches wholesome lessons to the whole family!

Bruno V (jp) wrote: The first one from this Trio was nice ...second one , a bit weaker , the 3th oneThe weakest . Stop it

Al P (us) wrote: We go a long WAY BACK.

Kay H (br) wrote: The reason I rated this so low was because it portrays the police and gov as corrupt bad guys. So typical and predictable. Is the studio really called Patriotic. So sick of the anti establishment theme.