Yo, robot?

Yo, robot?


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:14 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Yo, robot? 1997 full movies, Yo, robot? torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:DeGea
  • Country:Argentina
  • Director:Carlos Bobeda
  • Writer:Carlos Bobeda

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Yo, robot? torrent reviews

Michael M (nl) wrote: While watchable, the movie never seems to live up to the events it's based on. The cast is surprisingly strong (Billy Bob Thornton and Paul Giamatti are superb in almost anything) but right off the rip you're supposed to believe Zac Efron is a doctor which is a stretch. It's kind of cool to experience the story from different points of view like Abe Zapruder and Oswald's brother, but at the end of the day all this movie did was make me want to go back and watch "JFK."

Tor M (it) wrote: A dialogue driven film where the slacker protagonist drifts away in Berlin. He meet many people, he go many places and everywhere there are loads of words.Shot in black and white, nicely scored and a gentle humor makes it snappy and interesting. It reminds me a lot of something the younger Jarmuch would do. Some very smooth shots - especially in the end where the short stills appear rapidly. With some works of graffiti artist Blu on the screen too. Nice.I liked it, but it felt rather long even with a short playime. I've read it was a graduation project - that's pretty impressive, even if it's not especially fresh or original.6.5 out of 10 meatballs.

Paula K (nl) wrote: A documentary about the lives of "actors" after they have left the porn business. It doesn't deal as much with why they left, which would have been far more interesting.

Steve D (ag) wrote: boring and typically fast talking mess from Sorkin. The story would make a better documentary than a film. The actors are game but they aren't given enough material to work with.

Tiff M (jp) wrote: this is a great movie. great duo and great inspiring movie and if you put your mind to anything you can achieve it.

David O (gb) wrote: I heard this movie was a piece of sh*....I'm not sure if I should watch it:/

Rosco B (fr) wrote: Sho gives it a good go in this one; as a peace-loving (always a big mistake in an action movie) Japanese businessman trying to live the American dream. Things go wrong. Fortunately for us, he is also a ninja. I liked this movie as a youth and don't feel too ashamed. The version I saw recently on the MGM HD channel was immaculately rendered but clearly some kind of American cut which was so ineptly edited I couldn't tell what the motherf**k was going on at times. I also didn't like the end scrap too much. I feel a trained ninja could beat the living crap out of an old-fart gangster baddie (who'd killed his wife, dammit!) without too much trouble at all. But that's just me. I don't know about narrative tension and stuff.

Sheppard S (fr) wrote: Saw this when it came out. Was not impressed. Pure exploitation from a sick director.

Sebastian D (kr) wrote: It reminded me of movies watched on VHS in the late 80s. This kind of movies are waste of time for me. However, watching Djimon Hounsou never is.

Muhammed A (nl) wrote: just waste of time >:o

Russell W (jp) wrote: A B-movie sure, but I couldn;t help laugh throughout this. Unlike others, I actually think the main acting cast stepped out of their typical archetypes to great effect. I wouldn't really consider it a "stoner comedy" as most do, and the appeal is wildly different. Much of the comedy comes from the chilled demeanor and unexpected action sequences, so don;t wait for punchlines and rather enjoy the ride.

Eric B (de) wrote: Great movie. Beautifully written and acted. Loved it.

Darren B (br) wrote: A movie that deals and eventually overcomes the subject of an sexually abusive Uncle. Yeah definitely not an easy to watch film but I will say it was dealt with subtlety but with enough emotion to really hit ya. Overall an amazing film - lead by indie Actress Ella Purnell who was incredible - and Bruce Greenwood who was equally great. Throw in some remarkable cinematography of Alaska and you got yourself a very good solid movie here! Strongly Recommended