Six strangers are sitting in a conference room. They’re in a focus group, but how much is there really to say about yoghurt? There’s so much more to discover about each other.

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Mattias E (es) wrote: After reinventing the annoying Edison Chens carreer in the nihilistic classic Dog Bite Dog, director Soi Cheang now takes on another HK-pretty boy, Shawn Yue, who incidentally seem to star in every damn movie out there at the moment. The main characters in both movies share some similarities, but the tone of Shamo is less dark and menacing than Dog Bite Dog. Being an adaptation of a manga, I guess that's where the comic book feel of the former comes from. Besides from wearing an incredibly fly hoodie most of the time, Shawn Yue also carries a lot of weight as far as acting goes here. I can't believe how much his acting has improved over the last few years.

Naruebet C (au) wrote: Hom rong (The Overture)

s h e l l (it) wrote: A great movie about pool. I loved it. Not only does it involve pool but it has humour. I think its fantastic to see a movie involving pool. You dont get many. Thanks Mars!!

Oriol N (ca) wrote: Al Pacino de Alcalde?, mmmh.... no.

Shane S (fr) wrote: A very underrated action film. It has a lot of great action scenes. Some great action scenes, even for a supposedly kid movie. I didn't like it the first time I saw it. but once I 'got it', I have enjoyed it ever since.

Matt M (ru) wrote: Thriller and uneasy humour mix almost naturally in this film that has Almodvar written all over it. The plot is pop culture driven, as Banderas portrays an orphaned mental patient who stalks and kidnaps a porn actress and junkie to make her fall in love with him. A steamy, racy and provocative and sexy thriller with the usual quirky mix of dark comedy that will not disappoint fans of the director. Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! also features Antonio Banderas in one of his best and most fun performances ever.

Kevin R (it) wrote: I don't believe in anything.Hazel Motes is a poor southern boy who has a strong desire to change how people see the world. He leads a group of speeches against the belief in God and preaches a belief in change and the need to need nothing. He has a stocker young man that is a village idiot and some potential backers. The members in the town often treat him fairly well. When his beliefs don't take off like he'd hoped, he may self destruct."What did you stop me for?""I don't much like your face."John Huston, director of The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The African Queen, The Man Who Would be King, Moulin Rouge (1952), Annie (1982), Prizzi's Honor, Key Largo, and The Asphalt Jungle, delivers Wise Blood. The storyline for this picture was very entertaining and unpredictable. The acting was also solid and the cast includes Brad Douris, Ned Beatty, William Hickey, Amy Wright, Harry Dean Stanton, and Dan Shor."If I had a face like that, I'd sit on it and never get up."I DVR'd this off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) about a year or so ago. I adore John Huston films and thought this had a unique plot for him. This has some good twists and character evolutions, even by sub characters sprinkled throughout the film. I thought this was very well done and is worth a viewing."He blinded himself."Grade: B+/A-

Justin R (nl) wrote: Well told thriller that held my attention all the way through the conspiracy.

Ben S (it) wrote: Beyond some decent visuals, this version of the Wyatt Earp-Clantons saga is dull and plodding.

James O (de) wrote: Reasonable. You can feel the hate in Mississippi. A real period piece and I'm not sure the acting has aged very well except for Poitier whose performance was a cut above the rest. Just didn't grip me and was a bit drawn out. There's better thrillers made these days.

Colin S (de) wrote: Cute, but a little bleak, and datedly sexist and racist

David F (jp) wrote: A bit of an odd duck scripted by the unique duo of John Huston and Truman Capote is a bit of an acquired taste - at times it almost plays like a satire of Huston's brilliant debut 'The Maltese Falcon' - complete with the re-teaming of Bogart and Lorre, with Robert Morley filling in for Sydney Greenstreet - not in menacing gravitas so much as sheer corpulence. Lots of chicanery and conniving as we follow a motley crew of would-be land swindlers hoping to lay claim to vast deposits of uranium in Africa, but stuck in Italy and left to stew in their collective juices. The characters are written and played as very broad caricatures - particularly Jennifer Jones' farcical role as the wife of a supposed English gentleman (played with just the right amount of clubby affectation by Edward Underdown). The dialogue is at times very sophisticated and pithy, but somewhat tiring - by the time Scotland Yard man Bernard Lee shows up to get his men, you'll find it's not a moment too soon.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: It's decent but nothing special. Justin Long is always good and he also wrote it so I give him props. Peter Dinklage has a great small role and the rest of the star filled cast did a nice job.

Mge A (au) wrote: the name of the movie should had been "the sads" like the posters he sketched..

Andy G (mx) wrote: Is ok horror movie about a girl moved to all girl school but finds one of her teachers is vampire. C

Lawrence G (de) wrote: Desperately seeking sequel

Hugo G (jp) wrote: 5.9/10As a wholes the movie had some interesting and creative ideas, that although when mixed together lost some steam, in the end it was about what I expected. ~December 18, 2015~