Yolki 2

Yolki 2

Film is a collection of several interlinked stories that happen on the New Year's eve.

Film is a collection of several interlinked stories that happen on the New Year's eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard L (ag) wrote: Strange one this,pleasantly surprised when I realised the plot wasn't going down the same been done before route which I was expecting,and I was quiet captivated for the last 10min especially to see what was going to happen but it finished without things ever really being properly explained yes you can see glimpses of what was happening but it made no real sense and the film ends before you get the answers you need and want.I'm gona look online to see if I can make some sence of it further online.

Timothy N (es) wrote: It's not horrible by any means. The laughs are few but, there's a moral to the story so.... there's that....

Greg R (kr) wrote: This film isn't perfect, there are some weird, stupid moments,and people can make the excuse that the dialogue can be awkward, but the reason I love Night at the Museum is that it's so much fun, and that to me is what matters most in a film, as long as I'm entertained, thats enough for me. I enjoyed so many things about it, the idea is fun, the characters are enjoyable, a lot of the humor is hilarious. I guess some things aren't as good as I remember it, but overall I still enjoy this movie.

King L (mx) wrote: Another Marvel comics character that they made into a movie. I'm not as familiar with this character because she came out long after I stopped following comic books. Jennifer Garner is very good in the title role of an assassin and martial arts master but the movie was a bit slow in some parts.

Nathanael J (br) wrote: Really decent for being predominantly unknown. The main cast is excellent in this. Some of the metaphysical stuff borders on cheesy but it doesn't destroy the film, in fact it helps it a little and gives it some lighthearted charm.

David W (ru) wrote: Characters with full personality, violence, and movie references for filmgoers, Reservoir Dogs delivers it all

Sarah C (au) wrote: As the film goes, the main character appears not to be a Don Juan or Casanova, but a deeply lonely melancholy man in search of an unattainable Love. It's both light and sad at the same time, and touching.

Jeremiah L (mx) wrote: Has all the great exploitation elements including Sid Haig.

James H (fr) wrote: I suppose it was innovative in 1967, but I can think of few films that have bored me more. It was torture getting through this pretentious mess. I don't care if it is the Royal Shakespeare Company doing it, or whether it is historically significant, boring is boring

Gerard M (jp) wrote: The 14th sin would be watching this film.

Lala L (es) wrote: 3.26.2016: Interesting at first, got dull later and too bloody

Scott G (de) wrote: This is one of those great horror classics. It's in my opinion one of the best zombie films of all time and certainly the best of the zombie films between 1932 and 1967.