Yolki 3

Yolki 3

Two years has passed - Boris and Zhenya's one year- old son's bring friends to the psychiatric hospital on the New Year's eve. Little Nastya, whose parents separated two beloved dogs from one another, tries to help them .

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Yolki 3 torrent reviews

Bradley M (jp) wrote: I had high hopes for this movie after seeing the preview. It was a total letdown.

Laurence M (mx) wrote: Predictable and boring horror film about a dysfunctional family on a road trip stumbles an eerie town only to find out inbred children. Total waste of someone else's time.

Blair (fr) wrote: Watched it on the plane to Australia. Such a sweet & funny film.

Marah R (br) wrote: A film based on one of the most genuine and innocent love stories to ever exist. The performances are strong coming from two child actors and the directing is perfect.

Keith C (nl) wrote: Affectionate towards its subjects, to a fault.

Dillon L (us) wrote: not nearly as good as I remember

Lori W (ca) wrote: Can't help but putting yourself in her shoes. You really root for her.

Jed D (it) wrote: "Arctic Blue, is one of the most over looked, highly enjoyable films you will ever see." Rutger Hauer, is beyond brilliant. His character portrayal of a madman in the wild, is that of legend. Thumbs up!

Marko S (kr) wrote: heartbreaking for somebody, melodramatic for others. this movie started kusturica's obsession with gypsies and outcasts. well, good thing is it's not bad to the bone, the inner world of the main character is surreal, all the gypsies are kinda surreal. but real life surrounding him is full of crime, poverty, cons and pain, in a charles dickens kind of way. watchable, but too long and melodramatic.

Frank J (au) wrote: Un peu comme Woody Allen, il me semble que Truffaut procde galement lui aussi une certaine technique de recyclage, dans laquelle il prend plaisir inter-relier certains aspects de ses films. Comme c'est toutefois abord d'une manire diffrente chaque fois, on s'en dlecte puisque le cinma de Truffaut emmne une certaine fracheur au cinma international.J'aurais tendance dire que Charles Denner est un Dieu, mais il faut dire que son personnage est atrocement bien servi par le scnario, qui, oh mon Dieu, est tout simplement fantasmagorique. Pas qu'il ose vraiment, non, mais qu'il aborde plutt un sujet assez banal d'une manire qui ne l'est pas du tout.Au fil de l'histoire, le personnage principal devient beaucoup trop fascinant pour que l'on ne puisse pas s'intresser ses pripties.Vraiment, d'une fraicheur tonnante.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Ostensibly a sequel to In The Heat Of The Night, but nothing like it. In The Heat Of The Night was a great, groundbreaking, mirror-to-the-times movie. It showcased the racial prejudices and restrictions that still existed in the US, and showed, to a degree, how these could be overcome. While on the surface it was a crime-drama, it was a lot more than that. It was a social commentary, and a brilliant one.They Call Me Mister Tibbs is purely a crime-drama, and a fairly average one at that. The only thing this movie and In The Heat Of The Night have in common is the character Virgil Tibbs, played on both occasions by Sidney Poitier. There is no social commentary. It is just a common-or-garden whodunnit.Some of the crime drama is padded with domestic scenes from Tibbs' homelife, but these seem trite and lame.Really does not do any justice to In The Heat Of The Night.

Christina K (de) wrote: one of the best movies ever made in the 90's

Elena S (nl) wrote: first 30 minutes it is interesting , the rest is boring

Dan B (de) wrote: What appears to be a minor boxing noir turns out to be that rare thing " a perfect film. Technically brilliant, (but unshowy) with nothing wasted; characters are vividly evoked in just a few lines, while the simple story plays out honestly and in real time. A modest masterpiece.

Nipple H (de) wrote: Well first off I am very disappointed in the rating. Sure the twist is not as good as the six sense, but I believe that unbreakable is pretty dam close. I also believe without the twist it's a solid film but the twist makes it perfect.

Dan S (fr) wrote: Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep look as confused as the plot in Robert Benton's Still Of The Night. This Hitchcockian thriller never really takes off, and has a silly dream sequence as its central sub-plot. There's a distinct lack of suspense, and the ending will leave you rather unfulfilled.