Yonkers Joe

Yonkers Joe

Yonkers Joe tells the story of a dice hustler whose determination to make one last grab for a big score in Vegas is complicated by the reappearance of his estranged, mentally challenged son into his life.

Family life gets in the way of a con man's search for the perfect scam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yonkers Joe torrent reviews

Derrick M (mx) wrote: Gory and one dimensional with a wee bit of history thrown in

Greg W (ag) wrote: gr8 nature doc continuing the 'disneynature' series

James H (gb) wrote: There isn't much of a budget for this film but it is pretty well done. Believably told, the acting is fine, decent writing. The characters develop well.

Gary P (de) wrote: is this a promo film for these cheeze whizzing bands, with the exception of primal scream. the thing with movies it's called acting, make believe, suspension of disbelief... on the other hand I prefer this realism to body doubles and actors and actresses who just slept together, getting out of bed in a sheet, concealing the body from the camera contributing to the mystification of sex. then again so what, that they are actually having sex, people use the term porn as a put down, but this film is porn, but it's not like pro porn-but then again in the scenes, I can only think the girl is acting.

Dale A (ru) wrote: As far as trial movies go, top notch. I don't know why I hadn't taken the time to watch this one before, but it was excellent. James Woods did an amazing job as the old creepy racist.

Cade H (ru) wrote: I have seen this movie multiple times now and it never gets old. This is just a classic story of a 1960's band, sort of like the Beatles, who create a hit song and ride it into stardom. It was a great accomplishment that for the movie they were able to create one of the catchiest tunes ever along with enough other songs to release an album after the movie came out. The song "That Thing You Do" is amazing and it had to be good because you hear it about 20 times throughout the course of the movie. Its fun to see the teens lives change as they gain notoriety and heartbreaking at the same time. Some things toward the end seemed rushed to conclusion but the rest is golden. This fun, music filled movie is great and most people should enjoy it.

Lucas S (it) wrote: So I watched I am Chris Farley and I heard this movie got bad reviews. I see that anybody can become a critic these days. This movies is the best comedy of all time. If you don't think it is the best it will still be one of your favorites. If you don't find it funny then you need to lighten up and enjoy life.

John S (nl) wrote: This film is a cinematic masterpiece. Not only is the script well crafted, but the acting was second to none. Waynes brings the viewers emotiongs full circle with a perfect balance of Happiness, sadness, stress, relief, and elation.

Monny M (ru) wrote: Watched with the kids. It was okay.

Sgt C (us) wrote: (42%) Truth be told this is not one of my favourites, and even though Pam is perfect, I found it more dull than exciting/interesting, and more sleazy than sexy. It is one of - if not the very first movies ever to have a tough black woman as the main character, but on the other hand this still strongly feels like men (and white men at that) are well and truly pulling all the strings.

(es) wrote: Let me say this first: slither is an extremely Americanised film. And it doesn't work. The first ten minutes of the film are up to the standard of, well, almost none. Granted the film does get better, but the ridiculous acting thats done in a way which suggests the film is entirely serious, drowns the film. The screenplay, by Gunn, barely pulls any laughs. I guess his answer to shaun of the dead (for which he also wrote the screenplay) is utter garbage. Granted, the film picks up pace as it continues but there is only one real funny scene at the end. The accents are cringeworthy and hard to love, making it really hard for the audience to sympathise with them. You kinda want the alien zombie things to win. But, as slither scales into hollywood clichs, of course that doesnt happen.This film, frankly, is a mess of gags, slime and blood. Just not the funny type

Abdulrahman A (gb) wrote: solid animation with good story and entertaining characters.

Joe A (br) wrote: Less than ZERO. Neil Johnson should go back to waiting tables!

Francisco S (ca) wrote: Perhaps unpredictable, and with great visuals, but this unfunny bad-acted movie doesn't satisfy or entertain, and for those who love Meryl Streep please don't watch, or will be disappointed with her silly figure.

Tommy H (us) wrote: I love watching Pacino play explosive roles. This one is up there with Scarface and Dog Day Afternoon. His performance turns this average story about a good cop being pressured by corruption into a 5 star classic.