Yoru no onnatachi

Yoru no onnatachi

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1948
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Fusako Owada, a young woman in postwar Japan, is the mistress of a notorious drug dealer. Fusako's tenuous grasp on meaningful life is shaken when she learns that her lover is having an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allison K (au) wrote: Really enjoyed this film..more of a documentary than entertainment film, but was still really good and informative about the Morman movement!

Philip H (br) wrote: Truly rivetting and spine chilling in a way that only a fictional film like The Exorcist could compare on first viewing.

sitenoise (au) wrote: Another film by Akihiko Shiota, director of Harmful Insect. It had some moments but nothing special for me. I'm not sure what to think of Shiota at this point. I appreciate what he is trying to explore: disaffected, abused and neglected youth and all that, but I'm not convinced he's good at it yet. Harmful Insect would have been a lot less interesting without Aoi Miyazaki. I think Mitsuki Tanimura did a good job in Canary, Hoshi Ishida not so much, but his character was the brooding, doesn't-say-much type, which is difficult for a teenager to pull off (unless you're Aoi Miyazaki).I will confess that the cultural pointers were lost on me ... so there's that, I mean, if they were supposed to be specific. Cultural historians and professional film critics (and Japanese folks) might enjoy this film more than I did. I'm not giving upon Shiota but I'm also not ready to call him a director to look out for.

Hal M (br) wrote: Shot in the lingering, moody style of Terence Mallick, this a "road" movie of a father and son (age 10) in contemporary Russia. Dad's jobless and flat broke. So now they're traveling any way they can to get to Koktebel a thousand miles away on the Crimean coast, where there's a relative and possible work. They have some episodes en route (including one love affair for Dad--PG rated). Then they get separated...but find each other again. The film ends. Like a Chekhov short story this plot doesn't have the standard Beginning, Middle, End. Just the Middle. Hence I wouldn't recommend it to most Americans but I kinda liked it. Certainly gets an A grade for authenticity.

Hunter D (jp) wrote: One of the rare films Shinya Tsukamoto has done as a gun-for-hire, but it retains that perverse flavor the director injects into all of his work. The film focuses on a doctor in turn-of-the-century Japan whose family members start to die suddenly. After a series of strange occurrences, a man who looks exactly like him imprisons him in a well, for reasons we find out slowly as the narrative unfolds. Based on an Edogawa Rampo story, GEMINI plays a bit like classic David Cronenberg, as in DEAD RINGERS by way of Kurosawa's RED BEARD. Body horror, perversion, class disparity, sexual dysfunction, if any of this appeals to you, you'll be right at home.

Sherry (kr) wrote: This is great Swayze is awesome;;

Amina H (au) wrote: Very relaxing, yet complex and funny movie. The cast is fabulous, and you'll fall in love with their characters.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Man looks to sell his father's house he inherited, stirring up dark secrets that alarms many of the prominent local residents. Low-budget horror includes a lot of elements other films would borrow later, most notably BLACK CHRISTMAS.

Kenny V (kr) wrote: This was fascinating. Alejandro Jodorowsky uses allegory and religious iconography to tell his redemptions tales. The use of symbolism and imagery was amazing. but, be aware this film runs 2 hr 5 min, not the 95 listed.

Kali B (br) wrote: They weren't so much slime people as fog people.....

Jonas (br) wrote: Plockade en random film frn hgen av osedda DVD:er och det blev denna Herkulesrulle med Steve Reeves. Jag borde rimligen sett den tidigare men jag knde inte igen ngot s kanske inte. Den handlar iaf om att Herkules i sllskap med frugan och en ung Ulysses ska beska staden Thebes och dess hrskare Oedipus. Pvg dit stter de p gamle Oedipus som tagit sin tillflykt i en grotta. Han har avsagt sig styret och gett det till sina tv sner. De ska regera varannat r r tanken. Det skulle varit skifte nyligen men sittande broder vgrar lmna ver styret till sin broder. Detta gr denne frgrymmad. Herkules blir satt att medla i konflikten men d han beger sig till frhandlingarna fr att undvika krig s rkar han dricka ur glmskans klla och glmmer det hela. Istllet blir han bortfrd till en elak princessa som balsamerar mnniskor och stller upp dem som statyer i en hemlig grotta. Jag tycker den var hyffsat underhllande p ett matin (C)liknande stt.

Tomas T (us) wrote: I enjoyed somewhat this movie, the combat scenes were believable with real explosions and all. Bit too Pro American for my taste, but so are almost all after war Hollywood war films.

Al H (de) wrote: A good comedy about a romance in the 80's.

Sean D (de) wrote: The movie gets boring near the end. It isn't even a remake, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the original, I should know. I watched them back-to-back. The concept is just freaking weird. And there are apparently two sequels, one is unofficial and could be a sequel to this or the original film. The other is "Coffin Baby" that came out in January of this year. It's definitely still creepy like the original and better than the original, that never happens. The only similarity between this and the original are the same tools used to take out the victims. Not in the same order through. Same Flintstones looking toolbox used.

Ibraheem M (br) wrote: The jokes are repeated in a very lame way making the film dull and easily predictable.